Bunker Metal Band Drottnar Confirmed to Play Exclusive Show at Brainstorm Festival 2019


Norwegian bunker metal band Drottnar has been signed for the 12th edition of the Brainstorm Festival. The Norwegians will present their new album “Monolith”.

Drottnar was last to be admired in the Netherlands in 2011. Despite the lack of shows and the long time between their releases, the band has always remained a fixture in the Norwegian metal scene. At the Brainstorm Festival we get to see their new live show. It’s the only show in the Netherlands this year. so it’s a must see for the fans.

Through fire and tribulation, Norway’s Drottnar return to defy conventions and overturn expectations with their next evolution in sonic ascendancy. Melancholic introspection meets industrial precision as Drottnar continue to transcend genre while surveying the limits of musical discord.

Uncompromising and iconoclastic, “Monolith” will warp your beliefs in the boundaries of extreme music. Profound caverns of jarring dissonance and inexorable resonance meld effortlessly into the coldly calculated fringe of technical brilliance.

This is not music for the faint of heart. There are depths of darkness yet to be uncovered as the Masters of Dissonance seek to reinforce unheralded new frontiers in their relentless campaign. This is Drottnar as they have never been heard before.

“Monolith” is released Febr. 8th via Endtime Productions.Check out our review her.

Drottnar offers a highly addictive and distinctly unique blend of modern technical bunker metal. For fans of avantgarde and experimental extreme metal spanning a wide range and for once truly difficult to label. Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll [Emperor, Arcturus, Borknagar]

The current line-up consists of: Karl Fredrik Lind – Vocals, Baritone Guitars, Organ, Håvar Wormdahl – Bass, Glenn-David Lind – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook Website / Twitter Bandcamp / iTunes

Video for ‘Funeral Of Funerals’



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