‘Bride’ Launches ‘Kickstarter’ Project For New Album ‘Incorruptible’


Bride_250Bride is currently working on material for another CD to be released in 2013. The title for the new CD is “Incorruptible.” “Once again we hoping for the support of our fans to help us finance this recording. If you choose to help out, you will receive a copy of the CD when it has been finished. You will also receive updates as to the recording process as well as footage of the band rehearsing and recording. We will even post rough mixes of songs on the site at an unpublished URL.” 

Bride is a Christian Rock band that has been recording, playing live shows and preaching the gospel for over 25 years.  The band has won 4 Dove awards, played thousands of shows for millions of fans throughout the world and travelled countless miles.  Having recorded many albums using record companies [Pure Metal, Star Song, Pamplin, etc.] we decided that the business end of recording had a negative effect on our ability to get our message of salvation to our fans.  Our last recording, Tsar Bomba, was fan financed too.  By doing this, we get to eliminate the many levels of bureaucracy associated with record companies and get complete creative control over our project.

The Impact
Bride reaches a segment of the population that are hard to reach.  Many of the people who started listening to Bride did not have a relationship with God.  They were drawn in through the music.  At that point, the lyrics and our correspondance via email and live shows help introduce them to the Gospel.  Over the years, we have had thousands of people come forward to receive the Lord at shows.  Continuing to record helps reach those hard to reach people.

What We Need & What You Get
Recording an album takes time and money.  The more time you put into a recording, the better the product.  As a band, Bride cuts lots of corners to save money such as doing all of our pre-production in our own small home studios.  We spend hundreds of hours writing, rehearsing and preparing before going into the studio.  The type of recording studio we use typically charges $75-100 per hour and it takes about 100 hours to record.  After the recording process, the album has to be mastered, artwork has to be designed and the product has to be manufactured into CDs.  For the last decade, this has been a labor of love for us as we usually break even on our projects.

Other Ways To Help
Spread the word that Bride will be releasing a new recording and pray that God will bless us in the process.

Band members:
Dale Thompson – vocals
Troy Thompson – guitars
G.D Watts – bass guitar
Jerry McBroom – drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Myspace Kickstarter

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