Brazilian Symphonic Metal band Perpetual Legacy Revealed Cover for Long-Awaited Double Album, “Teodrama”, Listen to: 119: Theme Of my Songs


The acclaimed brazilian Symphonic Metal band, Perpetual Legacy revealed today the captivating cover for their long-awaited double album, “Teodrama”.

Developed by renowned artist Carlos Fides (Edu Falaschi, Shaman, Evergrey, etc), the artwork promises to visually encapsulate the depth and grandeur of the sonic experience that awaits fans.

The album “Teodrama” is an audacious immersion in the four fundamental pillars that make up the structure of the Bible: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Consummation. This musically rich work promises to transport listeners on an epic journey, where each of the double disc’s 20 tracks uniquely and intensely explores these crucial theological elements.

Regarding the collaboration with Carlos Fides, the band says that: “We have been with Fides since the cover of the first album and we enjoyed working with him, as in addition to delivering results of the highest standard, he is direct, assertive and punctual in his deadlines” .

Regarding the album and its concept, the singer Michelle Braglia says that: “The theme and the sound created an album that we always wanted to hear. This CD shows our evolution as musicians, singers, composers and writers, which made it possible for us to incorporate elements that we had not explored in our previous works. The public will be surprised! The concept is spectacular, since in 20 tracks we play and sing the only Narrative that involves all humanity and the only divinity in which we believe, the Triune God. The listener will notice that the songs not only contain biblical references, but they also touch on the past, present and future. It’s a beautiful, profound and transformative theme.”

The band is currently in talks with some labels about the release of “Teodrama”, which should take place by the end of this first half of 2024.

Check out the music video for the single ‘119: Theme Of my Songs’, released in 2021:

Listen to Perpetual Legacy on your favorite streaming platform:

Perpetual Legacy is:
Michelle Braglia – Vocal
Lucas Fernandes – Guitar
Matheus Maia – Bass
Rafael Lobo – Piano and Keyboards
Renan Costa – Drums

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