Brazilian Metal Band Dynasty of Metal Releases Lyric Video for New Single ‘The Mud’


A little over 3 years after the dams collapsed in the Brazilian city of Mariana, it was the turn of the also mining town of Brumadinho to suffer from the same issue.

On January 25, 2019, at 12:28 pm, an iron ore tailings dam at the Córrego do Feijão mine broke down and took 252 lives and 11 missing, among employees of the management company and residents of the region.

Now, exactly 2 years after the tragedy, the mining band Dynasty Of Metal meets with other personalities from the region’s music scene and releases the single ‘The Mud’.

With lyrics written by vocalist Nahor Andrade after spending a few months working in the region shortly after the event, ‘The Mud’ works as an encouragement to people who lost family and friends in the tragedy, a hug in the form of music.

The song was composed by guitarist César Martins and recorded on the premises of Studio André Mendonça and includes, in addition to the band Dynasty Of Metal, the presence of vocalists Phil Lima (Medjay), Léo Turbo (Caottica, Militia – Metallica Cover) and Kell Reis (Sacrificed), André Mendonça on acoustic guitars and production, Leonardo Lopes (Bicho Grilo) on string quartet and Gustavo Paiva, from Anna Maz and former member of Dynasty, on keyboards. According to Nahor, “the idea was to bring musicians friends to add musical and emotional values ​​to the project. The guests are part of our environment here in the Heavy Metal Mineiro scene, which was also an opportunity to confirm the bonds of friendship and partnerships ”.

The lyric video for ‘The Mud’ was made by Rodrigo Porto and is being released this day 25/01/2021, at 12:28 pm, the exact time of breaking the barrier, on Youtube. In the coming days the music will be present on the band’s digital streaming platforms.

Lyric Video for ‘The Mud’

 Dynasty Of Metal is:

 Nahor Andrade – vocal
 César Martins – guitar
 Filipe Otávio – guitar
Tiago Sieg – bass
 Tiago Vitek – drums

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