‘Bombworks Records’ Announces Reissues of Three ‘Seventh Angel’ Albums


Bombworks Records checked in with the following announcement:

We have reached an agreement to reissue three Seventh Angel albums – “The Torment” (1990) on cd/vinyl, “Lament For The Weary” (1991) on cd/vinyl, and “The Dust Of Years” (2009) on vinyl! These three thrash-terpieces will be coming your way within the next year. Watch for more details! 

In March, Bombworks also released Seventh Angel‘s Demo Collection. (Limited Edition of just 1000 copies).

Our review can be found here.

Seventh Angel are a British Christian metal band that formed in 1987. The band was known for its combination of doom metal and thrash metal. According to Cross Rhythms magazine, they were considered to be thrash metal pioneers, and they released the albums The Torment (1990) and Lament for the Weary (1991). These records achieved mainstream distribution through Music for Nations label, making Seventh Angel label mates with such groups as Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. Although Seventh Angel disbanded in 1992, “for a long time [they were considered to be] the best metal act in the UK”, claims Cross Rhythms. The Daily Telegraph called Seventh Angel “one of the leading Christian thrash metal bands in Great Britain.”

The band headlined the Metal Meltdown festival in 1990, played concerts in Germany and the Netherlands, and they were featured in both Channel 4 and BBC TV for several live performances of their Greenbelt festival concerts. The guitarist/vocalist Ian Arkley went to form the doom metal band Ashen Mortality. On 23 May 2008, the group announced their reforming. The current line-up consists of the original members Ian Arkley, Andrew “Tank” Thompson (drums), Simon Bibby (guitar), and Mark Broomhead (bass). On 24 June 2009, the band released their third album The Dust of Years.

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