Banshee – “The Madness” Limited Edition Vinyl Announced


NoLifeTilMetal Records is excited to bring you the latest album from Banshee entitled The Madness on a one time exclusive vinyl pressing. This very limited pressing will be limited to 200 pieces only on a beautiful black 180 gram vinyl edition. 

Banshee‘s The Madness is probably the first heavy metal album that tackles the forefront of mental illness. Executive producer Steve Susman bares his soul as he shares some very personal difficulties that he was going through during the time period that The Madness was recorded.  

Banshee‘s The Madness has a classic heavy metal sound that will appeal to fans of Dio, Black Sabbath and more. 

Track List:
01. Metal Morphosis
Act I: Crash Landing
02. Pyschosis
03. Demons (In My Head)
04. The Madness
Act II: Shattered Sanity
05. Cerebral
06. Ingrid (Ballad of An Ex Wife)
07. Into The Breakdown
08. Dead Inside
Act III: Healing
09. Red Sails In The Sunset
10. Slippin’ Away

“The Madness” will be released October 1st.
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