‘Roxx Records’ Announce ‘Oracle’ – “Selah” Limited Vinyl Edition


oracle-coverRoxx Records is very excited to announce the third installment in their Limited Edition Underground vinyl series. Our next release comes to us by way of one of the Christian metal underground’s most heralded, yet under rated, US power metal releases of the 90’s from the band Oracle as we give our special reissue treatment to the band’s long out of print debut EP!

At the time of its original release in 1992, Oracle’s “Selah” EP was critically acclaimed the world over. From the US Christian metal underground, to the European heavy metal scene, “Selah” was, and is, considered to be a triumph of US power metal drawing influence from neo-classical metal, NWOBHM, and thrash metal.

It was initially released as an independent cassette in 1992, then shortly after as an independent CD in 1993…both direct from the band and impossible to find these days. Since that time, it has been reissued twice on CD. Once as a split CD with US metal band Emerald on M8 Records (2001) and again in remastered form as part of “Desolate Kings: The Oracle Anthology” on Divebomb Records (2010) which is now out of print and nearly sold out. But never before has this underground US metal classic seen a vinyl release…until now!

Roxx Records is proud to present the first ever, limited edition, vinyl reissue of “Selah” by US heavy metal band Oracle as part of the Roxx Records Underground Series. The release includes the original mastering of “Selah”, all new artwork inspired by the band’s original concept and a brand new essay written by Oracle vocalist Shawn Pelata (Final Sign, Line Of Fire).

This Limited Edition package is scheduled for release on September 2, 2016 and will come not only with a specially printed essay but also with a Limited edition download disc of the whole “Selah” CD. Each copy is specially and individually packaged and hand numbered. This is a true limited edition pressing of only 150 copies. In addition we obtained some of the very last copies of the entire anthology of Oracle and will offer those in a separate special deluxe package with limited availability.

Get your pre order in quickly as this will surely sell out! Check out the cool promo video below from Scott Waters as he discusses the Underground series in more detail right here and you will also even hear a sneak peak on what number 4, 5 and 6 just might be…

* Black Vinyl – Hand Numbered
* Special Bio written by Shawn Pelata
* Special download disc of Selah EP

* Black Vinyl – Hand Numbered
* Special Bio written by Shawn Pelata
* Special download disc of Selah EP
* Oracle – Desolate Kings Anthology CD


Visit www.roxxproductions.com for full release details and pre order information.

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