Axenstar Announces New Album “Chapter VIII”, First Single ‘Heavenly Symphony’ Released


The Swedish power metal band Axenstar will release their new album “Chapter VIII” via Inner Wound Recordings on December 1st. The album will be available on CD and digital.

‘Heavenly Symphony’, the first single from the album is an uplifting melodic power metal hymn, perfect for fans of bands like Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Helloween and Hammerfall! The single is available on all digital platforms and you can check out the music video below.

The album was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Persuader, Sorcerer, Aeon) and the epic old school power metal artwork was created by Rafael Tavares.

“Chapter VIII” is a perfect blend of melody and power. The album contains uplifting power metal hymns, catchy melodies, thundering riffs and melodic solos. All these components create a really strong power metal album, perfect for fans of the genre and bands like Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Helloween and Hammerfall!

“Chapter VIII” track listing:

  1. Heavenly Symphony
  2. Through the Fire and Brimstone
  3. The Great Deceiver
  4. Enchanted Lands
  5. The Flame of Victory
  6. No Surrender
  7. Holy Land
  8. Eye for an Eye
  9. The War Within
  10. Life Eternal

Axenstar is:
Magnus Winterwild – Vocals, bass
Jens Klovegård – Guitars
Joakim Jonsson – Guitars
Pelle Åkerlind – Drums

Video for Heavenly Symphony

Axenstar online

Inner Wound Recordings online



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