August Burns Red – “Found In Far Away Places”


ABR_FoundInFarAwayAugust Burns Red, an American Melodic Metalcore band from Manheim, Pennsylvania, known for their use of odd time signatures, are out with their Seventh Studio Album : Found in Far Away Places. The band was formed back in 2003 when all of its band members were attending senior year at High School! An early start is always a good start, I’d say! (By the way, check out the why the band is named what its named! Funny story! )

My modest attempt at defining the genre for this album, which by the way takes its title from the lyrics of “Majoring in the Minors”, would be melodic Metalcore meets Punk meets Blues meets Thrash metal. The guttural growls along with the pelting guitar shreds adds an ounce of anger. Interludes are present in almost all of the songs, and they acts as the rumble before the thunderstorm. I guess the bands’ warning its listeners! Beware.. We’re going ballistic!

The album was released on June 29, 2015 and is a treat for any head banger, and would definitely lead to a mosh-pit. The album opens up with “The Wake”, which is a power packed storm, with plenty breakdowns, which in effect sets the tempo for the rest of the album. “Martyr” has a punk metal-ish beginning, rages through the chorus all the way to the interlude which opens up with a bass piece and blues guitar solo. That construction is particularly ecstatic! “Identity”, nominated for Best Metal Performance for the 2016 Grammy Awards, was the second single that was released, do check out the captivating psychedelic video. The bass interlude makes this song a great listen.

“Separating the seas” has the best interlude, I would say. They give you a breather for you have been moshing for a while. You may just end up dancing on it! “Ghost”, attempts to lure the listener with a haunting start, the clean vocals in the interlude thanks to Jeremy Mckinnon, adds a little more spice to the vocal segment of the album.I believe “Majoring the minors” has the most meaningful lyrics and its interlude makes you jump in joy!

There are some real good guitar riffs in “Everlasting ending”, they never fall short of melody, the guitar sweeps go on to show the technical prowess, and for a second the vocals reminded me of Zack de La Rocha. I particularly love the acoustic transition on the outro for “Twenty one grams”. “Twenty one grams” along with “Blackwood” comprises of the heaviest of songs on the album.

The spine chilling shreds,the heartfelt growls and the dark demonic melodic solo on “Broken promises” makes it my favourite song of the album.

Production : The sound for this album is constructed really well and you can hear each and every member on this album, with equal weight-age given to all the instruments. This results in a complete sound.

Conclusion : Although It is very hard to have a single favourite on this album (Good luck with that!), To listen to it is a heavy metal roller-coaster ride. I recommend you Buy IT!

Rating: 9/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

01. The Wake
02. Martyr
03. Identity
04. Separating The Seas
05. Ghosts (feat. Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember)
06. Majoring In The Minors
07. Everlasting Ending
08. Broken Promises
09. Blackwood
10. Twenty-One Grams
11. Vanguard

Band members
William Jacob Luhrs – lead vocals
JB Brubaker – lead guitar
Brent Rambler – rhythm guitar
Dustin Davidson – bass, backing vocals
Matt Greiner – drums

Record Label: Fearless Records, June 2015

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: ‘Ghosts’

Video below: ‘Identity’

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