American Straight Edge, Hardcore Band ‘Judgement Day’ Releases New Album”The Altar”


Judgement Day 2015OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce the release of “The Altar” from Judgement Day from Orange County, California. Fast tempos and heavy sludgy breakdowns forged with brutally honest lyrics about living life with integrity. “The Altar” is a 6 song album of gritty hardcore that sets the bar high for hardcore in 2015,” says Giants In The Sound music blog. “The Altar is a non-stop, breakdown-heavy thrill of American hardcore.”

Unafraid. Unashamed. Steadfast strong. CDs are available through OnTheAttack Records, and digital downloads are available through iTunes and the usual digital outlets.

American Straight Edge band Judgement Day joined OnTheAttack Records in June 2014.  Heavy hardcore forged with brutally honest lyrics about living life with integrity.  Judgement Day unleashes a furious musical hammerstorm to wake up the listener to issues of the working class, human dignity and the plight of the oppressed.  Unafraid.  Unashamed.  Steadfast strong.

Judgement Day features Levi – vocals, Brandon – guitar, Michael – guitar, Travis – bass, and Joe – drums.

Their self-titled debut EP was released in June through OnTheAttack Records, our review can be found here.

JD The Alter
1. Age of Innocence (ft. Chad Paramore of Messengers)
2. Seek (ft. Noah Friend of World of Pain)
3. Visions of a Sanctuary
4. Rise
5. The Altar (ft. Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through)
6. New World Prophecy

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram

OnTheAttack Records began in the Bronx in 2005, and moved to California in 2013. Same heavy music… Same uplifting message.

Video below ‘Age of Innocence’ (feat. Chad of Messengers)

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