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Allos_Spiritual BattleAllos is a new band from Brazil who released their first album in 2012. They started in 2003 and last year their debut album “Spiritual Battle” was released.

The name Allos means Other and revers to The Holy Spirit. That’s a nice name to have as a band. But also a promising. Let’s check it out.

The albums contains 10 songs with a total playing time of 42 minutes, not bad for a debut album.

The kickoff of the album is “Unknown world” and is an instrumental into and flows very nice over into “Mirror of the Deep waters”, which gives us the full range of power metal at their disposal. This sounds good. Vocals are good, very good actually. Also guitars, bass, drums and keys are very well performed. It’s a nice start to the album, guitar solos followed by key solos and so on. These guys know how to play. “Power of Choice” is strong on the vocals. They remind me on Blind Guardian. “Journey” start calm and quiet, like a ballad, but after a minute the power is released through great guitar solos, fast drums supported by great keys and bass. This is Power Metal as is should be. The female vocals in this song are great and surprising. “Everlasting Love” start with the female vocals in a very nice way, later to altered with the male vocals. This is a very nice lingering song, that builds up great.

“The Hero” stats very fast and continues in that fast paste. Excellent done! “My Spirit” and “Eterna Presente” are two semi-ballad songs . Starting with calm vocals, but after a few minutes more power kicks in. Nicely altered with female vocals. “The Call of Battle” is an instrumental intro leading to the last song of the album “Spiritual Battle” and yesssss, this is fast! And Good! Really good.  Great guitar solos with fast bass, this is seriously good!

To conclude this album: Allos is a band to take serious. These guys know how to play and make some very good power metal. My recommendation is that these guys find a label who can seriously support them with the next recording and. And I wouldn’t be surprised that one day they play alongside bands like Theocracy.

Rating: 8/10

01. Unknown World 00:42
02. Mirror of Deep Waters 04:31
03. Power of Choice 05:00
04. Journey 05:17
05. Everlasting Love 05:26
06. The Hero 04:40
07. My Spirit 04:22
08. Eterno Presente 05:26
09. The Call of Time 00:43
10. Spiritual Battle 05:42

Band members:
Celso Alves – Vocals
Júnior Oliveira – Guitars
Edley Winderson – Bass
Wilmer Richard – Keyboard
Wallace Ryan – Drums

Record Label: Unsigned/independent, March 2012

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace / Twitter

Buy the album here:
 First Paradox 
 Nordic Mission

Video below: Album teaser

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