A Report From ‘Metal Bible’ At Metal Festival “Into The Grave”, Leeuwarden, Netherlands


out of the grave 2013Last August, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands), hosted the Into The Grave metal festival for the third time.

After I (Marc De Bruijn) talked to some people who were sharing their faith, I got a really bad feeling.  I felt judged as a Christian, as well as a metalhead.  Can you imagine what people attending the festival may have felt?

The thought came to mind that this could be done in a different manner.  I asked our church for money to buy metal Bibles.  Our church funded 240 Bibles.  I thought I would be able to reach perhaps 10% of 2,000 people.  The first time the festival was held, there were 2,000 people. I thought there’d be 2,000 people this time, too.  I was wrong.  There were 4,000 people and within 2 hours, all Bibles were handed out!  I realized, I needed German and English Bibles as well.

This time I went about it differently.  First I attended 2 Christian festivals and promoted our cause.  I also visited 3 churches to do the same.  I all together, I raised enough money to buy 900 Bibles.  We attended the festival for 7 hours and were able to have many conversations with a lot of people.

After praying, we walked to the festival grounds.  Lots of clouds were darkening the sky.  But, after we set up, the sky cleared up.  The weather was great after that and after a slow start, it went very well.  People from the festival grounds came to pick up a Bible.  Even some people from the organization of the festival picked up 15 Bibles for all their co-workers.

I noticed that we talked to a lot of people who claimed to be Christian.  It seems to me that we should pray for them, because they may be opening doors that better stay closed.

Next year I want to hand out Bibles again at Into The Grave as well as Dokk’em Open Air.  I have already started looking for churches willing to pray for us and fund Bibles and a tent, so we will have a place to talk to people, while we hand out Bibles.  I would like to ask you to pray for us as well and donations are certainly welcome.

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Marc de Bruijn

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