A Message From ‘Jen Ledger’ [Skillet]


In the end of last year American Christian rock band Skillet toured through Europe and Russia, They also played at the annual Christmas Rocknight [Ennepetal/Germany] read our CRN review and watch the pictures
Recently Jen Ledger [picture] drummer of Skillet, posted the following message:

Hey Everybody!

It’s Jen here! Writing to you to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It’s been a long time since the last blog, and lots has been happening in the Skillet world! In the last few months we’ve had a European Tour, a lovely relaxing Christmas, and now we’re kicking off 2012 with Winter Jam Tour!

Oh…and most importantly, my hair is red now!!!! ;D haha!  (I fancied a change and changed it a few months ago!

The European tour was simply FANTASTIC! We met some amazing people, saw such cool places and experienced some of the most amazing fans ever!! If any of you are reading this from the shows in Europe, WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for making our trip so incredibly special! We also say, THANKS FOR ALL THE DELICIOUS FOOD… ESPECIALLY THE CHOCOLATE! : )

We were able to enjoy a couple of weeks off for Christmas, which was great! The Coopers went back to Wisconsin to enjoy Christmas with their family, Seth also went home, and I got to go visit my family in England! I had such a great time, arrived just before my 22nd birthday! (I know im 22!…CRAZY right???) and was able to attend my brothers wedding!! What a great way to finish the year! I hope you guys enjoyed your holidays also!

Now we’re all really enjoying Winter Jam tour! This is the fist tour I ever did with Skillet 4 years ago so it’s very surreal to be here again 4 years older!! If you get the chance to come to a show please come and say hi!! There’s absolutely fantastic artists on the line up and it’s only a 10 dollar ticket at the door! Also a lot of us on the tour are reading the “one year bible plan”. It’s the ‘YouVersion’ app (https://www.youversion.com/reading-plans/the-one-year-bible) that we’re using incase any of you want to join! Also, Kor’s gonna use her book club (https://www.skilletbookclub.com/) to talk through what were reading together. So if you wanna read or post thoughts join us with that too!!!

Anyways that was A LOT of info!!

I hope you guys are doing well!! Hopefully see you guys at a show soon!!

Jenny : )

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  1. Jen Ledger… Your amazing and awesome and I wish I could play the drums as good as you… I just started about 8 months ago… any advice for me to improve?

  2. Jen Ledger…. Your awesome… I wish I could play the drums like you…. I started about 8 months ago…. any advice?

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