Extreme Metal Band Symphony Of Heaven ‘You Shall Be As gods’ Live Video @ Rusted Recordings


Extreme metal band Symphony Of Heaven have released ‘You Shall Be As gods’ Live @ Rusted Recordings. The video can be watched below.

Symphony Of Heaven‘s new release “The Ascension Of Extinction” will be released soon via Rottweiler Records.

Symphony Of Heaven continues to grow their reach and spread their message of Suffering to the extreme metal community.”

“The lyric video for ‘You Shall Be As Gods’ premiered here at TMR in Jan. The video conveys the story of the song perfectly. Concentrating on the many layers within the visual artwork, it reveals the complexity of the broken condition of Man in his quest for self-divinity.”

Let me give you a vision.

A cool autumn wind howls through the tree’s barren limbs. The sky is swept clean of its lofty clouds, leaving nothing but pale moonlight, and the impending sense of dreaded loss. This can be the closest description of the Blackened Death Metal that is Symphony of Heaven.

Emerging from the mud and rust of southern Indiana in 2017, Symphony of Heaven came crashing into the underground metal scene with their first EP, “…Of Scars and Soil…”, blistering the listeners with haunting atmospheric songs, inspired by the Biblical book of Job. Focused on themes of suffering and pain, the band combined epic symphonic elements with blackened metallic riffs of the coldest order. Later that year saw the release of the band’s first full length release, “The Season of Death”, hailed as one of Christian Metalheads International’s top 10 albums of 2017. The album expanded more on the ideas of pain and suffering, with band leader PATHØS offering thoughtful, almost poetic lyrical ideas.

2018 came to pass, and the band offered up 2 new songs to the split independent release, “The Body of Christ”. These songs displayed the growing maturity of the band’s craft. The lyrics were darker, the music was raw and more frightening, like the slow descent of a man into madness.

2019 came to pass, and the band saw its first opportunity to bring its brand of Rusted Blackened Death Metal to the fields of Illinois at Audiofeed Music Festival. Appearing on the stage, covered in the mud and mire of a season of pain, as the rain came pouring down upon the tent, they beckoned to the crowd- COME SUFFER WITH US!

Now with Rottweiler Records, they have released the song, ‘You Shall Be As Gods’, a dirge about how man has always tried to become God, only to burn in the hands of their own altar. The song displays a continuous marching forward of their sound; melancholy, and ever darker than before. Symphony of Heaven continues to march forward, through the frozen wastelands of life, to herald the call from The Almighty to all who will listen. Life is suffering, but there remains a transcendent Hope, COME SUFFER WITH US.

Pathos- guitar and songwriting
Timoratus -bass guitar

Live member:
Eero Tertsunen-guitar

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