8 Songs From ‘Kekal’s’ ‘Autonomy’ Available For Streaming [out of 11]


“Autonomy”, Kekal’s anticipated 9th full-length album will be officially released on CD and digital formats between September and October 2012 [exact release dates will vary on each region, and yet to be determined] by Whirlwind Records, an independent record label based in Germany who also previously released another two Kekal albums: “The Habit of Fire” [2007] and “8” [2010]. Artwork & tracklist can be viewed below.

Adding more excitement to this good news, is that the initial release of the “Autonomy” CD will be a limited deluxe-edition double-CD, with the 2008 album “Audible Minority” added as the bonus disc!!! and 16-pages full-color booklet covering both albums’ visual artwork. This version will be released in a very limited number to maintain its rarity, and every copy will be hand-numbered. Once this version is sold-out, the “Autonomy” CD with then be sold only as the normal version without an extra bonus disc. So, Kekal enthusiasts, make sure to grab this one while you can. Kekal will announce when the album is available to order.

They started in 1995 as a more straightforward black metal band. Throughout the first 5 years, they developed their own style by incorporating many diverse elements from outside metal. This distinct style become most prominent in the third album “The Painful Experience”, which marked as a starting point for the band to step more and more into the progressive metal and avant-garde metal and made further experiments with their music.

In 2003, they released “1000 Thoughts Of Violence” and received positive media reviews. This led to their first European mini-tour in 2004, playing a string of shows in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. After that tour, they released their 5th album, “Acidity”, in 2005. They made even further experiments on their 6th album, “The Habit Of Fire”, which found the band decreasing their early metal sound to give more room for jazz, avantgarde and electronic elements.

3 former key members are Jeff Arwadi [guitars, vocals, programming, drums], Azhar Levi Sianturi [bass, vocals], and Leo Setiawan [guitars], all have left the band in 2009. Read their full bio.

Track Listing: 
01. Rare Earth Elements
02. Pandora’s Empty Box
03. Go Ahead and Feel The Pain
04. Disposable Man
05. Swings of All Moods
06. Indonesanity
07. Futuride
08. Playground
09. iComa
10. Space Between Spaces
11. Learning to Love The Future

Total Running Time: 58:04

Main contributors: Jeff Arwadi, Leo Setiawan and Levi Sianturi.
All songs composed by Jeff Arwadi, except “Rare Earth Elements” and “Playground” by Jeff Arwadi & Leo Setiawan.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Jeff Arwadi.
Engineered by Jeff Arwadi & Leo Setiawan.
Recording workstations: Northern Isolation Station (Calgary, Canada), Langit Sejuta Damai (Jakarta, Indonesia).
Photography and illustration by Levi Sianturi.
Digital layouting by Jeff Arwadi.

As in 2012, Kekal has no official band members.

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