Nov 072014

DEATH EPTimōrātus is a one man band from David Napier, A second EP was released earlier this week, and is available for free download now.. The EP includes two tracks: 1. ‘Confrontation of the End’ (03:56), 2. ‘No One Left’ (04:17). The EP can also be streamed below.

David commented: ‘It is going to be a 4 part EP set of different metal genres with a cohesive story throughout. The EP’s are going to be Black, Death, Doom and Grind metal. The story is about a man going through the Black Plague and his battle with the time and loss of faith.’ The goal of Timōrātus is to ultimately bring honor and glory to God. I am a big sucker for concept albums so what I am doing is releasing a 4 [EP] set of metal genres that links together into a complete story of a man named Kafla Serlaro as he loses his faith and times of living through the Black Plague.

The first EP “Black” was released last June, our album review can be found here.

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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