‘Youngside Records’ Passes Torch To ‘XNilo’ [Official Press Release]


youngside rec. logoAs YoungSide Records turns out the lights on New Year’s Eve, it is with a sigh of relief knowing that the partnership begun with Bullroser Records four years ago will continue.

Bullroser Records (Finland) recently signed a distribution agreement with Pennsylvania-based Indie Label/Distributor XNilo Records/ChristianRockShop – effective January 1, 2013.

“I’m thrilled with this partnership” enthused Arlene Marais (President, YoungSide Records) “as I feel I can now retire with peace knowing that Bullroser Records’ roster of artists will continue to be available to fans in the US.”

“I’m thankful for the partnership I have had with Arlene and YoungSide Records these past four years,” responded Lasse Niskala (Owner Bullroser Records), “and appreciate her help in forming this new alliance with XNilo Records. I wish her and her family well.”

Formed in 2011, XNilo Records is a musician owned label. This means they have the advantage of knowing and understanding industry struggles from both sides, and on a personal level.

When asked about the name, Owner David Michael responded: “The name XNilo comes from the Latin phrase ‘ex nihilo’ [ex nee-loh], which means “out of nothing”. It’s often used in reference to God and Creation. God is The Creator ex-nihilo, that is, He created from out of nothing. This name speaks directly to who we are as a label and the bands/artists that join our family. We were nothing before Christ and we are nothing apart from Christ. For ‘All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.’ (John 1:3)”

“My wife and business partner, Janette and I are looking forward to joining forces with Lasse and Bullroser Records where Arlene and YoungSide left off. Arlene and YoungSide has been a massive blessing to our label and distribution from the beginning and an absolute joy to work with.” said David Michael. “We are sad to see her close YoungSide’s doors, as it will be a loss to the industry on many levels, but we are also humbled and honored to continue the work they have begun with Bullroser Records. We feel it’s important for us here in the US to continue to have access to Europe’s most talented and spiritually-minded bands.”

Retailers, DJ’s, Editors wishing to learn more about XNilo Records and their plans for the coming year, please take note of the Contact details.

“I’m truly thankful to end this year on an upbeat with this final Press Release. I pray God’s blessings on both Lasse and David and their business partnership in the years ahead!” concluded Arlene Marais.

Weblinks: XNilo Records

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