‘Helix’ Drummer Greg “Fritz” Hinz to Stay In Hospital for at Least a Couple of Weeks


Helix drummer Greg “Fritz” Hinz will remain hospitalized “for at least a couple of weeks” after fracturing his skull in a fall from the roof of his house.

According to Helix singer Brian VollmerFritz sustained his injuries after going out to the front of his home to fix some shingles on the roof. When his girlfriend’s sister went out to check on him, he was laying on the front lawn, having fallen from the roof. He had a seizure on the front lawn and then another on the way to the hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They immediately put him in a drug-induced coma with breathing tubes down his throat.

Earlier this week, Vollmer posted the following update on Hinz‘s condition: “Thank you to everyone who have sent their well wishes and prayers for Fritz. I’ve been in constant communication with [his girlfriend] Tracey and she’s given me the go-ahead to post the latest news on how he’s doing.

“He’s pretty banged up with multiple fractures to his vertebrae (I won’t list them all), multiple basilar skull fractures, a rib fracture, and hemorrhaging. As bad as all this sounds however, there are positives as well. Today he was brought out of his drug-induced coma and squeezed Tracey‘s hand. He’s also been able to move his feet. He was put back into a drug induced coma shortly after so the doctors could run a CT scan. Tomorrow they are going to bring him out again and see how it goes. He’ll probably be in the hospital for at least a couple more weeks, and after that have to wear a back brace for several months while he goes through rehab.”

As a result of his injuries, Hinz — who joined Helix in 1982 and stayed in the band until 1996, before returning to the group 13 years later — will be unable to play with Helix at the band’s two scheduled gigs in Ontario this weekend. Filling in for him will be Jamie Constant from Syre.

Vollmer said: “Please do not think that it’s ‘crass’ to go on without the big guy. If Fritz could talk right now, I’m sure he’d agree that the ‘show must go on.’ Whenever there’s a situation like this there are many people — agents, band members, club owners, and bar staff — depending on making wages this weekend. Not playing would not solve anything; it would just make problems for more people. Please understand.”

Upcoming shows:

Nov. 16 – Maxwell’s – Waterloo, ON
Nov. 17 – The Brass Monkey – Ottawa, ON

Helix‘s latest effort “A Helix Christmas” is released on Oct. 5th. via No Life Til Metal Records. Our review can be found here.

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