‘Time Of Change’ A Message By ‘Christian Palin’


Christian Palin is known as the founder and vocalist of Finnish metal band’s Random Eyes & Beyond Belief, Christian wrote the following message:

It is said that in our tongue we have life and death, when we curse, we cause a headache to the people around us. We can say words that contain much positivity whose result is reconstructive to human and spiritual level. I have taken time to listen to the commercial music of all styles in our decades and have come to a conclusion.The times are changing.

As musician I decided to trace certain social phenomena in which I have knowledge, so that you have something to think about in your routine life. The message in the music has high-level suggestive in the human mind. It is not necessary brainwashing to be controlled, I know what I’m saying..lol. This message can be expressed in a passive manner. Across the radio, television, our brain reacts in the subconscious and our mental “walls” react to our being and do produce positive or negative results.

A good example to share, is a piece of music which makes me very conditioned for the gym, called Training Montage Rocky 4 film. It makes me feel happy and positively euphoric to perform my muscle training.A message of hatred can also get to touch your life. yeah true story. For example, if you had a past experience that destroyed your emotional life, a theme of music that reflects revenge or a film you can feed your soul strongly, and given this aggressively reactions. Because if you are unable to exceed your test in the life and work your feelings you will be easy prey for the message.There are Children who play very much video violence games, if you start thinking, I believe that getting accustomed to certain experiences your brain it can go so far as to change. Everything needs time. It is said that to adopt an addictive manner need to pass three months for it. The human is a very complex machine, we all know that we do not use the brain in the highest level.The thinkers, musicians and people who want to find wisdom must take the time to discover wisdom. Not only the books have the answer. The wisdom live in the silence. Silence is a stage that your life needs to grow spiritually, if you as a person does not grow into your spirit you’ll be at the level of a dam to be swallowed up by a lion.The human mind has a capacity to register much information in passive or active way as comment you today. Our world is changing completely to a new way of thinking, the message spread in our society is a message that is at war with humanity.

Now I’ll explain about this doctrine of passive mental control, how easy it is to believe that everything is some kind of show or that everything is part of social change.
If you are wise take care of your mind although you have aptitude to filter the good thing and the bad thing … in my childhood I knew a song that up to today has touched me. This song that I learned years ago says “takes care of your eyes, what they see, takes care of your mouth what you speak, takes care of your ears what you hear” … … stay awake, sagas as a leopard and crafty like snake.

Positive Message: everything that speaks of life struggle to survive and stand up from the pain and self-pity. Love, life, positive thinking of your enemies and forgiveness. Forgiveness affects your life in way psychic, i was able to verify this by reading a lot about the books created by doctors and scientists. When you forgive your soul stabilizes and automatically start your growth of your spirit and body health. As a result your physical parts of your body are slackened and your bones begin to compose. Believe me…Been there done that lol… for this reason I’ll explain as testimony.

Positive music has great healing abilities in humans.

sounds produced by chords can function as a bridge to your spiritual being. The message through music can also cause great change in your being.
The message or negative thinking: Jealousy causes kind of woodworm of bones. This is verified by medics. I have seen in humans, when you have envy your aura turns green/violet, your mind begins to secrete toxins that cause mental and physical reactions in your body.

The music with negative message: kill, to annihilate what is same, hate, hurt, betrayed, destroy, suicide, do not forgive, revenge. I know that things are “normal” that you have been led to believe. The truth is that our world has unfortunately wars, deaths and these activities are known in our life for centuries. Make you believe that this is human for what we were created is a big lie.

Do not kill your senses, do not freeze heart. do not take everything for granted. It has given us as human good and evil to choose. Choose your side and you will see that impact has on your life.

~Christian Palin~


Recently we had a conversation with Christian Palin and the other members of the Finnish melodic metal bandRandom EyesChristian talks about the new Random Eyes album. The new band Beyond Belief. The new Random Eyes music video, which will be released soon, and much more … You can it find the interview at this location.

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