‘xDeathstarx’ Live at Facedown Fest. 2015 Video Footage Posted Online


xDeathstarx logoLive footage from xDeathstarx (reunion show) at this years Facedown Fest can be seen in the video below.

The annual Facedown Fest. was held on Saturday, May 16 at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. Performing bands were: War Of Ages, Gideon, War Of Ages, Saving Grace, My Epic, Everything In Slow Motion, Those Who Fear, Mouth Of The South, Hope For The Dying and Leaders.

xDeathstarx is an American Christian metalcore band from Redlands, California. All of the members are straight edge and they incorporate both Christian and straight edge themes within their music, with their view of the loss of values in modern society. The group released its first album in 2004 and is currently signed to Facedown Records.

xDeathstarx has recorded two full length albums and two independent EPs on independent record labels, including Facedown Records, Life Sentence Records, and I Witness Media. The band features three full time vocalists as well as a total three guitarists; one of which is bass. They have appeared on The Discovery Channel’s Jesse James’ Monster Garage. In 2008, they released a remastered version of their debut album, which had been out of print. In March 2009 the band announced they were breaking up and moving on their separate ways.

The band played a special reunion show at this years Facedown Fest.

The bands current line-up contains members of Sleeping Giant, Impending Doom, and Winds of Plague.

facedoen fest 2015

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Video below: ‘xDeathstarx’ at Facedown Fest. 2015

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