Wolves at the Gate – “VxV”


Wolves VXVWolves at the Gate (WATG) is a christian metal and post-hardcore band formed in a dorm room in 2008 at Cedarville University in Ohio, recording their first demos in the basement of a funeral home.Tthey’re currently signed toSolid State Records, where the band released two EPs: We Are the Ones (2011) and Back to School (2013), a full-length album: Captors (2012), and a Christmas single entitled “The King” in 2012.

The intro track “VxV” is a loop of voices whispering “five by five” while a voice speaks passionately about Jesus dying for our sins ( 1.John 2:2 ) “Wake Up.”  is a track with so much going on that it is literally hard to sit still while listening to it. The guitars and drums are heavy and frantic in the verse and open up in the chorus.”Dust to dust”is another heavy song wich reminds us to not to look for earthly treasures but the real treasures is to be found with in  His fold. .“Return” is the first time we get to hear a really solid juxtaposition of Steve Cobucci and Nick Detty. Detty starts with screams and Cobucci answers with clean vocals throughout a large majority of the track. “Relief” continues with even a harder sound and doesn’t slow down until “The Bird and the Snake” starts up. This is one of the softest tracks on the album, but still features a rocking bridge complete with screams. “Rest” is more of a rock song.  “East to West” starts off with a spoken word section and it’s not until 43 seconds in that the album’s most powerful song officially begins. This track is hard rock song, but it still carries with it a sense of worship. “Wild Heart” and “The Convicted” bring back the aggression into the album. “Majesty in Misery” is another rock song with a little touch of Red combined with For Today. “The Father’s Bargain” is written from the perspective of Jesus, and  shows in a hardcore style what He has done for us : “Bring in all their sins, lay it all on me / I can bear the weight of sins so all can be free”.  An emotional and great song to close out this album.

Wolves At The Gate are devout Christians and have put their passion into their music. Regardless of your beliefs, the energy and intensity that go into every song make them worth a listen.

Rating: 9/10

Written by Stingray

1. VxV
2. Wake up
3. Dust to dust
4. Return
5. Relief
6. The bird and the snake
7. Rest
8. East to west
9. Wild heart
10. The convicted
11. Majesty in misery
12. The Father´s bargain

Line up:
Nick Detty – heavy vocals
Steve Cobucci – guitars, clean vocals
Ben Summers – bass, backing vocals
Dylan Baxter – drums

“Pulled from the deep”   EP  [2009]
“We are the ones”  EP  [2011] (Review)
“Back to school” EP  [ 2013]
“The King” Single [2012]
“Captors” [2012]
“VxV” [2014]

Record Label: Solid  State Records, June 2014

Weblinks: Website / Myspace / Faceboo

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
Metal Helm

Video below ‘Relief

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