Wolfer – “Old Ghosts & Present Demons”


WOLFER_EP_bbcWolfer is a melodic hardcore-band from the Netherlands. Formed in early 2015. All the members are (or have been) playing in other hardcore bands. For example: Despicable Heroes and Killing Goliath.

The band is influenced by bands like Touché Amoré, Worthwhile, Hundredth, DefeaterTouché Amoré, Worthwhile, Hundredth and Defeater.

Wolfer will hit the stage coming Saturday, April 23, at Rock For Eternity in Amersfoort.

They have now released their first EP “Old Ghosts & Present Demons”.

The album begins with the song ‘Face The Music’ which starts mellow with a peaceful guitar-sound it doesn’t take too long for the characteristic screams to kick in. At that point it is obvious where they get their inspiration from. Defeater is the band of choice. Fascinating riffs and tempo-changes, from slow to fast paced and back again.

Present Demons’ is a classic example of this genre, this is what melodic hardcore should sound like. No blistering guitarwork but subtle and melodic, and then again up-tempo. In this song we briefly hear Kevin, the guitarist who is also the screamer for Despicable Heroes, scream his parts.

Third song ‘Old Ghosts’ is for me one of the highlights on this album. Especially the end of the song where there is a sensitive melodic guitar-solo underneath the screaming. It gives me goosebumps in a positive way.

Coward’ is already the last song. What can I say? Again a classic melodic hardcore-song. A bit more aggressive than the previous songs but also with some sensitive parts. At two-third of the song they slow down to more clean guitars to build up again and then the end…… Well, let’s say that it comes as a surprise when you hear this song for the first time.

All in all an interesting EP. I have to be honest, the first time that I heard it I thought: “Nice, but I have heard this before.” In the meantime I have listened to this album a few times and I have to say that it is growing on me. I hear more and more subtle elements and melodies. I can recommend it without a doubt to everyone who is into melodic hardcore like Defeater. Well done guys!

Rating: 7/10

Written by: René Woning

Track listing:
1. Face The Music 03:36
2. Present Demons 02:59
3. Old Ghosts 04:31
4. Coward 04:17

Band members:
Kevin – Guitar
Andrei – Guitars
Frank – Drums
Carl – Bass
Andrew – Vocals

Old Ghosts & Present Demons” (2016)

Record label: Unite Records, April 2016

Weblinks: Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Interview with Wolfer (March 2016)

Video for ‘Coward’

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