‘Wind Rose’ Part Ways with Drummer ‘Daniele Visconti’, Temporary Replacement Announced (Statement Available)


Italian folk/power metal band, Wind Rose have checked in with the following announcement:

Sometimes changes have to happen: we decided to part ways with our beloved friend and drummer Daniele Visconti, one of the former members of the band. This wasn’t a simple decision, but it was taken by both parts in a more than friendly way: as a brilliant and all-round drummer he has got to spend more time in developing his own career as a musician, and this thing didn’t merge with the plans of the band.

We would like to wish him a glorious career as a drummer, ‘cause his talent and his perseverance are really unusual things to find nowadays. Good luck with everything Dan!

The show must go on: we will of course do all the planned shows and we will announce many more soon! Ancient Bards‘ drummer Federico Gatti will help us behind the drums in the months to come.

Wind Rose hails from Italy and plays folk/power metal band (their sound is also described as dwarven metal – And indeed the dwarfs of The Hobbit are a great inspiration for Wind Rose. Having toured with bands like Wintersun, Eluveitie and Ensiferum. Their third album “Stonehymn” is released on May 26th in Europe and North America via Inner Wound Recordings, an album filled by the epic, powerful and folk inspired brand of power metal the band is known for.

“Stonehymn” was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni [DGM, Ancient Bards, Secret Sphere] and the artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani, Tyr].

Our review for “Stonehymn” can be found here.

Recently we did an interview with guitarist Claudio Falconcini, check it out here.

Upcoming Shows:
04.11.17 – Brainstorm Festival, Gigant, Apeldoorn, NL
05.01.18 -Trollfest, Shinjuku Blaze, Tokyo, JP
06.01.18 -Trollfest, Banana Hall, Osaka, JP
10.08.18 – Leyendas del Rock, Open Air, Villena, ES

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Video for ‘To Erebor’



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