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White Collar Sideshow toured for over 3 years with their original show, make than their original experience or event. Seeing them live is an experience you don’t soon forget. Combining frenetic drumming and percussion with a strong bass line played in front of video screens, they have enthralled audiences throughout the US in settings ranging from large festivals to small churches and auditoriums.

This time WCS has become even more adventurous, combining the music with a short film. The movie is a creepy, dark film based on the seven deadly sins (anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, and pride) and how each of us has our own private struggles with these. TD Benton wrote the WitcHunt in response to the accidental death of his younger brother in 2010 and the impact of this can be heard in the emotions of the lyrics and vocals, ranging from dark to questioning and angry. WCS worked with producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie) on this release and there is a definite underlying feel of a Rob Zombie release here. WCS is known best for their live shows and to the credit of Baseford, none of the energy or impact is lost in this recording. Incredible drumming and percussion and a more prominent bass line than in the past really stand out musically in this release. Biggest change of all are the vocals by TD Benton. Benton’s voice and tone fit perfectly within this mix, ranging from spoken sections to shouting in a military-like cadence in some places, best heard in “Black Heart Hearse”. Comparisons will likely be made to Ministry, Rob Zombie, and maybe even some Rammstein, but WCS manage to stand on their own.

The physical copy of The WitcHunt contains both the DVD of the film and the CD with just the music soundtrack. The best way to experience the WitcHunt is to see it performed live where WCS sets up in front of video screens and plays the soundtrack live to accompany the video. Next best choice is to watch the DVD through a good home stereo and large HD tv. Once you connect the video with music, the music will always have a deeper impact. Should you want just the music on its own, fear not, it’s more than good enough to stand on its own.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: John Jackson

1. The Innocent Heart
2. American Lies
3. Watch Your Thoughts
4. Go Eat Worms
5. Windows to the Soul
6. Monster Me
7. Something Unholy
8. This is a Kill
9. Counting Sheep
10. Moonshine
11. Dead Man Walking
12. Black Heart Hearse
13. Belly of the Beast
14. Try the Swine
15. Alive
16. Light Up the Dead

Band Members:
Vocals, drums: TD Benton
Drums: Herr Schwein
Bass: The Faceless Woman
Percussion: Leech

Record Label: Come and Live! , Sept. 2012

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter 

The WitcHunt movie at IMDb.

Video of the single “Black Heart Hearse”:


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