‘We Came As Romans’ Frontman ‘Kyle Pavone’ Died at Age 28


We Came As Romans have revealed how their lead singer Kyle Pavone died last month.

Kyle, 28, had spent a week in a Michigan hospital when he died suddenly on 25 August.

In a statement posted on twitter, the metalcore band revealed that Kyle had an accidental overdose. In his memory, the surviving singers have launched The Kyle Pavone Foundation, which aims to offer support for those in the music industry.

The band said: ‘On Saturday August 25, we lost our son, our brother, our best friend and our band mate to an accidental overdose.

‘The opposite of addiction is connection. If you are feeling disconnected or lost, there is help. Please take action, whether that is talking to your families and friends, meeting with a counselor or joining a support group.

‘If you are a friend or family member or someone who is struggling, do not be silent! If you are an artist in need of support through your struggle, we have created the Kyle Pavone Foundation in Kyle’s honour to help.’

We Came As Romans are now looking forward to ‘celebrating Kyle’s life again’ by hosting a ‘public event’ at the Fillmore in Detroit beginning of October.

The rockers are hoping to collect donations for the charity via the Kyle Pavone Foundation website.

Announcing Kyle’s untimely death, the band expressed their ‘heartbreak’ and paid tribute to his musical talents and bright character.

Formed in 2005, We Came As Romans have released five albums, including 2013’s “Tracing Back Roots,” which soared into the top 10 number on the Billboard 200 chart. Some of their best known tracks, include ‘Hope,’ ‘Promise’ and ‘The World I Used To Know.’

Their latest album “Cold Like War” has been released Oct. 20 via SharpTone Records.

Video for ‘Cold Like War’


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