Volturian (Sleeping Romance & Frozen Crown Members) Releases Visualizer Video for First Single ‘New Life’


Volturian – the Modern Metal band founded by singer Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance) and songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown) – have released an official visualizer-video for the song ‘New Life’, the first single taken from their debut-album “Crimson” which wil be released on April 24th, via Scarlet Records (EU/US) and Marquee Avalon (Japan)

Watch the video below.

Based on the huge contrast between mellow, dreamy female vocals and heavy downtuned guitar riffs, with a massive infusion of electronic music, the Volturian’s sound is catchy, epic and dynamic at the same time. Lanna’s pristine and ethereal vocals move fluently between slow paced groovy songs and rigid, Industrial inspired hymns, held together by Mondelli’s Swedish Death Metal oriented guitar riffs (early 2000 In Flames and Soilwork) and by the powerful and precise drumming of the young talent Alberto Mezzanotte. Keyboards add a fundamental layer to Volturian’s music, ranging from New Wave to 90’s Europop to obscure gothic atmospheres.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio, “Crimson” is also graced by a stunning artwork created by Federico Mondelli himself.


1. Crimson Dust
2. New Life
3. Haunting Symphony
4. Broken
5. The Killing Joke
6. In a Heartbeat (featuring Frozen Crown’s Giada “Jade” Etro)
7. Between the Sleepers
8. Days Before You Died
9. Forevermore
10. Fading Like a Flower (Roxette cover)

Video for ‘New Life

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