Vote for ‘Gorilla Warfare’ and Help Them to Play “Last Band Standing Fest” In April


GWWe received the following message from Gorilla Warfare‘s vocalist Brett Wade:

‘My band Gorilla Warfare made it into the local Rock Radio Station’s contest called Last Band Standing and we need as many friends as possible to go Vote for us everyday for the next 2 weeks so we can make it into the Final 4 bands & play the city music festival in April! Thanks for any help, follow the link below. ‘

Gorilla Warfare is a band that plays Heavy music that combines the groups influences from the Metal, Hardcore and Punk rock genres into their own unique and uncompromising sound. All members of Gorilla Warfare are either current or former soldiers and combat veterans that have served and fought for our country.

We have been a band for ten years, released several albums independently, and played hundreds of shows with many nationally known touring bands.

Their latest album “Trial By Combat” EP has been released Jan. 2014, our review can be found here.

Upcoming Shows:

March 26th Warehouse, Clarksville,TN

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