Vindicator “There Will Be Blood” 15th Anniversary 2 CD Set Announced


NoLifeTilMetal Records is stoked to bring you a very special 2 disc limited edition set of the classic thrash album “There Will Be Blood” by Vindicator

Vindicator is turning 18 years old this year and to celebrate they are completely remastering and reissuing the bands classic debut album, which is 15 years old this year!

This gorgeous 2 disc set contains the entire debut album completely remastered along with some very special recordings on the bonus disc. The band tracked down this old dusty song entitled ‘Fog of War’ (originally featured only on their “Rehearsal Demo”) and re-recorded it with original vocalist Marshall Law on vocals.

In addition, this limited edition set also features a ton more demos, different mixes and some previously unreleased live tunes all of tracks from the history of this monumental thrash album. Also featuring dazzling new cover art and a completely killer layout and design for this very special reissue.

Check out the track ‘Fog of War’

Pre orders are live this Friday at a very special low introductory price good until the official release date of August 15, 2023

Also be sure to catch the band live this Summer to witness Marshall reuniting with the band for only two select dates! Saturday, August 19th at the Maple Grove Tavern and Concert Club in Cleveland where they will be playing an exclusive old-school set and Saturday, September 16th at the Metal Immortal Festival in Pittsburgh for an even mix of old and new tracks!

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