Veteran Metal Band ‘Living Sacrifice’ First Headliner for ‘Blast Of Eternity’ In November


The American metal band Living Sacrifice will be performing for the first time in Stuttgart Germany they will enter the stage of Blast Of Eternity on November 3, 2017.

The band states: “If you are in the Country or surrounding Countries, please come out and welcome us to Europe. It has been a long time.”

Other performing bands will be: The Buried (Death ’n‘ Roll from Germany)  .. more bands will be announced soon.

Living Sacrifice (picture) was founded in 1989, but did not play in Germany before. Nevertheless the band is well-known, partly because the band members have also been active in bands such as Evanescence, P.O.D. and We Are The Fallen.

Living Sacrifice‘s latest and eighth studio album “Ghost Thief” has been released on November 12, 2013 via Solid State Records. (review)

Living Sacrifice will play the same weekend at the tenth edition of Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Blast Of Eternity is the largest Christian metal festival in Germany. Together with Elements of Rock, the festival is a center of the Christian metals scene in Europe.

The festival took place for the first time in Heilbronn in 2008 and moved to the neighboring Neckarsulm in 2011. The first concert of the Unblack band Horde took place in Central Europe. Further bands were Antestor , Crimson Moonlight , Becoming the Archetype and Drottnar. In 2011 the first performance of the US band Saviour Machine took place in Europe after ten years.

Since 2009 the Swedish artist Kristian Wåhlin paints the artworks of the festival. In 2011, he exhibited some of his paintings in an exposition on the Blast Of Eternity.

The carrier organization of Blast Of Eternity is the CVJM Jugendkultur & Musik, founded in 2011, based in Heilbronn.

Blast Of Eternity: Website / Facebook / Twitter 

Video for Living Sacrifice – ‘Rules Of Engagement’

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