‘Veritas Vinyl’ to release New ‘Slaves BC’/’Grace & Thieves’ Split LP “Cursed Breath//Innocent Blood”


veritas vinyl logoThe new Split LP from Grace and Thieves and Slaves BC is here, and it won’t disappoint. Both bands having released 7″s recently, they’ve teamed up here to prove they’re worthy of proper 12″ vinyl treatment. This is sure to be one of the heaviest and darkest releases of the year.. Tracklist and cover artwork can be seen below.

Grace and Thieves’ song ‘Fearless’ features a guest solo by label mate Victor Griffin of In-Graved, Place of Skulls, Pentagram, etc. Most of Grace and Thieves back catalog can be downloaded for FREE/pay what you want at www.veritasvinyl.bandcamp.com

Slaves BC recently self released a split 7″ with their friends Cousin Sleaze. That as well as their 3 song digital ep can be found at www.slavesbc.bandcamp.com.

Slaves BC is a doomy blackened-hardcore band from Pittsburgh, Pa.  Slaves BC was formed at the end of 2010 by 3 long time friends: Josh Thieler (Vocals/Drums), Sean Singer (Guitar/Vocals), and Rick van Newkirk (Guitar).  They immediately began writing their first demo “This World Shall Pass Away”.  Josh Thieler asked Jason Cantu (Bass) to join the band on the first day of recording in June of 2011. The demos were recorded at Bloodbot Studios with George Thieler. Slaves BC spent the next year writing and recording more material, and they did not start playing shows until the summer of 2012.  Since then, they have shared the stage with bands such as Nachtmystium, Lord Mantis, Atlas Moth, Atriarch, and Once Nothing.

In Oregon’s capital city of Salem in 1999, punk/hardcore trio Grace And Thieves emerged with a crusty, classic Neurosis-influenced sound featuring scathing dual vocals and blistering old-school thrash breaks. The band combine dark socially-commentative lyrics with speedy, abrasive bursts of anthemic hardcore, taking their intense and aggressive live sets everywhere from party basements and small venues to youth-group halls and living rooms across the northwest, disturbing the peace everywhere. After recording with Brady Greig (Gun Pro) at Corvallis’ RESIN 67 studios, various GAT songs began finding release spots on various vinyl and cd compilations for independent punk labels, including the infamous “Punk Tribute to Star Wars” seven-inch and the “The International Punk Rock Box Set”.  They disbanded in 2002, and 10 years later they fired up the furnace again and began churning out more of their signature style punk/metal – most of which found its way to several different vinyl and cd releases put out by Veritas Vinyl, as well as various CD and digital comps.

Slaves BC Tracklist:
The Wolf You Feed
Through Broken Teeth
Two Witnesses
Hide Us O Death

Grace & Thieves Tracklist:
Eleventh Hour Confession
Fearless (Featuring Victor Griffin)
Eye of the Storm


The LP and a T-Shirt can be pre-ordered at www.veritasvinyl.storenvy.com. FIVE different colors of vinyl to choose from, with 30 pressed on grey, 60 red, 70 white, 70 green and 70 blue.

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