‘Vengeance Rising’ to Release Unreleased Mix of “Human Sacrifice” for 30th Anniversary, Lyric Video for ‘Receive Him’ Available


It was 1988 when the Christian Metal Music scene was about to change and finally expand in to the extreme metal genre.  Southern California thrashers Vengeance with support and direction from Pastor Bob Beeman were about to unleash their debut album “Human Sacrifice”in hopes to reach the lives of those who needed something like this. They accomplished this wholeheartedly and at the same time shocked the world with its intensity and bold message.

Thirty years later and Human Sacrifice continues to make an impact on people’s lives and in the metal community. As 2018 brings in the official 30th anniversary of Human Sacrifice we are prepared to bring you something very special and unique as we celebrate this monumental release.

Roxx Records is very excited to bring you this special Limited Edition 30th Anniversary CD pressing of Human Sacrifice like you have never heard it before. You are about to get a listen to one of the very first previously unreleased mixes of the album!  Here is what Glen Mancaruso had to say about this release… “Our original goal for the record was for it to sound like you were standing there in the room with us, just raw and heavy, nothing over produced and no reverb to muddy things up.”  You can read the entire write up from Glen in the official liner notes of this release.

That is what you get here a brand new experience as we celebrate 30 years of Human Sacrifice. This mix was even presented in a completely different order then the album we all know and love. So not only is the mix completely raw and different but the order it is presented in holds true to the original source tape which gives you a very new and exciting look at this historical release. This source tape was archived by former White Throne Magazine staff writer Keven Crothers and remastered to give you the best listen in to that mix by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. With brand new cover art designed by Scott Waters with direct input from the band themselves.

This will be a one-time only 500 piece pressing for the true Vengeance fan! Official release date for this package will be July 27, 2018 where it will be unveiled at this year’s Sacrivox Music Fest.


Track Listing:
1. Human Sacrifice
2. From The Dead
3. Ascension
4. Receive Him
5. Burn
6. Fatal Delay
7. White Throne
8. Salvation
9. I Love Hating Evil
10. Fill This Place With Blood
11. He is God
12. Mulligan Stew
13. Beheaded

For full release details and special packages that include a limited signed insert and a very special limited run t-shirt visit us at roxxproductions.com


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