‘Vengeance Rising’ Celebrate 30 years of Thrash Metal with “Human Sacrifice” Limited Edition Release & Special Show at SoCal Metal Fest 2017


It was 30 years ago in 1987 when Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International would be led to call together a very special group of musicians that would come together to form a new ministry minded band out of Southern California. With a lot of prayer and faith the players were assembled and the full band would come together to record and distribute their very first demo tape. That tape would be what many people still consider to be the beginning of a movement, one thing was certain it was about to make a lasting impression on the Christian music community.

That band was one of the very first in the genre of Christian thrash, that band was called Vengeance and that tape was their original 5 song self-titled cassette only demo. That tape would lead them to signing a multiple album record contract on Intense Records which ultimately led to the release of their first full length album entitled “Human Sacrifice”.

“Human Sacrifice” was one of the most controversial releases of the time. Many Christian record stores would ban the album from their shelves completely. The album featured the hand of Pastor Bob himself portraying the bloodied hand of Christ nailed to the cross. The music was harsh and in the vein of bands like Dark Angel and Slayer, it definitely took the Christian ‘White’ Metal scene to a whole new level.

This classic album has been long out of print outside of a Limited Edition CD reissue (1000 pieces) on the defunct Intense Millennium Records in 2010 and a Limited Edition vinyl picture disc (300 pieces) on Roxx Records in 2013, all of which are long sold out and now collector’s items themselves. With the album still in high demand we are very happy to bring to the public a new and very special pressing adding a few twists as we celebrate 30 years of Vengeance Rising.

Roxx Records is proud to bring you a very special pressing of “Human Sacrifice” this special package includes brand new liner notes from original Vengeance Rising bassist Roger Dale Martin. It has been completely remastered by J Powell of Steinhaus Mastering and features a brand new layout done by our very own Scott Waters (Roxx Records/No Life til Metal). This limited edition pressing will feature the newly designed artwork as originally featured on the vinyl picture disc version from 2013 and comes packaged in a beautiful glossy 6 panel wallet, last but not least we have added 5 special bonus tracks from that original demo tape that started it all 30 years ago.

Official release date for this pressing is August 25th with pre orders going live now. Pre orders only will come with a very special limited run 6” x 6” sticker as a pre order bonus item. But this title will be making its official debut first at this year’s largest Christian Metal Fest called SoCal Metal Fest 2 in Orange California on August 12th. Where there will also be a very special performance from 4 of the original members of Vengeance Rising. If that’s not enough for you we will also be making another very special release announcement regarding Vengeance Rising first that day at the show! You will not want to miss anything, the new CD, this very special one time performance or the special release announcement we will be making first at the show!

Track Listing:
Human Sacrifice (2:36)
Burn (3:59)
Mulligan Stew (3:02)
Receive Him (0:06)
I Love Hating Evil (3:26)
Fatal Delay (3:13)
White Throne (3:06)
Salvation (0:17)
From the Dead (4:34)
Ascension (5:25)
He is God (0:53)
Fill this Place with Blood (2:39)
Beheaded (3:10)

White Throne (3:33) [Bonus]
He is God (1:04) [Bonus]
Salvation (0:24) [Bonus]
Human Sacrifice (3:03) [Bonus]
Beheaded (2:57) [Bonus]

For all the pre order information and show details visit roxxproductions.com

Video (audio) for ‘Human Sacrifice’


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