Vandroya – “One”


vandroyaoneFrom Brazil a new power metal band is to release their first full length album in January. Vandroya is one of the best kept secrets from Brazil but now exposing Europe and the rest of the world to their epic progressive power metal. Any good?

Vandroya started in 2001 and in 2005 they released their first EP “Within Shadows”. 5 Years later they started recording their debut album “One” which will be released in January 2013 through Inner Wound Recordings (Yes, Soulspell). The album contains 10 songs with a total playing time of over 50 minutes.

“All Becomes One” is the kickoff of the album and starts quiet with some soft keys, which makes you wonder in which world you’ve arrived. The violin part is beautiful. In “The Last Free Land”, its like you’re starting a 12 cylinder car and suddenly, of it goes off, with fast guitar riffs and some great female vocals. Daisy Munhoz has an excellent voice which fits perfectly in the power metal genre and fits perfectly with Vandroya. The album continues with “No Oblivion For Eternity” and “Within Shadows” and they keep giving us top level power metal. Fast drums, great keys, great guitar and bass. Alternated with some quiet part, these songs are very easy and enjoyable to listen to. Whether guitar, bass, drums of keys, all of them are performed very well by excellent musicians which profiles Vandroya rightfully in the higher regions of the better bands. “Anthem For The Sun” continues giving us very nice power metal. “Why Should We Say Goodbye” is a very beautiful ballad and shows perfectly what the band is capable of. “Change the Tide” starts with the full power metal at your disposal and also the male vocals are well done. “When Heaven Decides To Fall” and “This World of Yours” continue with the high standard they have set. “Solar Night” is the closing song of the album which starts slowly and develops into some real progressive power metal. And this goes very well with the powerful voice of Daisy.

To conclude Vandroya and the first full length album: All Hail Vandroya! Very well done, this is a band to take seriously for the coming years. This is perfect for the fans of Avantasia, Kamelot and Sonata Artica.

Rating: 9/10

Track listing:
01. All Becomes One
02. The Last Free Land
03. No Oblivion For Eternity
04. Within Shadows
05. Anthem (For The Sun)
06. Why Should We Say Goodbye?
07. Change The Tide
08. When Heaven Decides To Call
09. This World Of Yours
10. Solar Night

Band members:
Daísa Munhoz – Vocals
Marco Lambert – Guitar
Rodolfo Pagotto – Guitar
Giovanni Perlati – Bass
Otávio Nuñez – Drums

“Vandroya” EP (2005)
“One” (2013)

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Twitter

Record Label: Inner Wound Records, Jan. 2013


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