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Fourth PlaguexDEFIANTx is a straight edge hardcore band from Los Angeles. They started in January 2013 and are currently signed to On The Attack Records. “Fourth Plague” is their debut album and it was recorded at The Legacy Rooms, in Los Angeles, California. Mixing and mastering were done by Jon Lundin.

Their music can be described as heavy, pure, straight edge hardcore with elements of beatdown and groove. At least, that is what they state themselves. Let’s see if we agree:

It all begins with an intro of 2.08 minutes which is conveniently called ‘Intro’. Immediately it is clear with what kind of hardcore we are dealing with: old-school hardcore. The intro sets the tone and makes you hungry for more.

My Only Regret’ is just what we can expect, nice uptempo hardcore with some interesting tempo changes. Tim Gomez has that familiar hardcore tone to his voice. A bit screamo and sometimes a bit high pitched. It suits the music well. (Nothing to regret here).

Then the song which they also shot a video for: ‘Letting Go’. It is a song that has all the classic hardcore elements. You can listen to it for yourself, at the end of this review is the mentioned video.

It’s Never Enough’ kicks off right from the start. Nick Moreno, who plays the drums, is trying to beat his whole drumkit to pieces I think. Man, that dude is brilliant. Very tight drumwork, and that is precisely what good hardcore needs. The song ends with the mandatory breakdown.

The album rages forth with a never-ending energy, ‘I’ll Never Go Back’ is mainly a fast hardcore song but also interspersed with slower parts. The same goes for ‘Untitled’. The screams at the end of this song sound so angry, just as it is supposed to be.

Out Of Line’ isn’t out of line at all if you ask me, nothing new but executed well.

And it all ends with ‘Swarm’ where we hear a very short part with just the bass. It is played well but the only thing that I am missing is the deep layer in his sound, it sounds a bit fragile. So that is my only point of criticism; the whole album could use a little more bass in the overall sound.

If you ask me if it is all new then I have to say no. But if you are into old-school New-York hardcore like, for example, Sick Of It All, you should give xDEFIANTx a chance. I know they made my hardcore-heart beat a little bit faster. Well done guys!

Rating: 7/10

Written by: René Woning

1) Intro
2) My Only Regret
3) Letting Go
4) It’s Never Enough
5) I’ll Never Go Back
6) Untitled
7) Out of Line
8) Swarm

Band members:
Tim Gomez- Vocals
Jojo Rodriguez- Guitar
Ric Argueta- Guitar
Randy Rios- Bass
Nick Moreno- Drums

“Fourth Plague” 2015

Record Label: On The Attack Records, July 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bandcamp

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Letting Go’

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