‘Unforsaken Productions’ Online Store – Grand Re-Opening / ‘Endless Funeral”Dawn Of Rebirth’ CD


Immediately after filling the pre-orders of the new Endless Funeral CD “Dawn Of Rebirth”, the Unforsaken Productions Online Store was temporarily taken offline for major reconstruction. The plan was to have the store back up and running after only a day or two, but the necessary updates took longer than expected, resulting in a down-time of More than a week. For those who tried to order “Dawn Of Rebirth” or any other Unforsaken Productions merchandise during that period, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this down-time has caused.

We are pleased to announce that the updates to the UPOS site have been completed and the store is back up and running! You can now order your copy of the new Endless Funeral “Dawn Of Rebirth” CD, as well as the “Dawn Of Rebirth” t-shirt by visiting us at the Unforsaken Productions website.

We have CDs in stock by Endless Funeral, Jon Hooper, Incarnate, Unforsaken, and more. So come by today and see the new and improved Unforsaken Productions Online Store!

About “Dawn Of Rebirth”:

Do you like fast, heavy, edgy music? “Dawn Of Rebirth” is a hard-hitting heavy metal album that will appeal to fans of Immortal Souls, Dark Tranquility, Vengeance Rising, and Children Of Bodom. The crushing metal riffs and pounding thrash beats are accompanied by down-to-earth lyrics about Biblical truth and the quest for spiritual growth.


Track Listing:
1. Ignition
2. Rebirth
3. A Second Beginning
4. Morbid Infliction
5. Defiance
6. Embraced
7. Final Cry
8. Enter His Rest
9. By The Blood
10. Peak Of Existence
11. On My Knees Again
12. Arms Of Grace
13. Sonrise
14. Reconciled

Total Running Time: 51 min.

The CD also includes CD-ROM features with bonus mp3s.

Sample clips from the CD are available on the Endless Funeral webpage:


Fans of Endless Funeral may recognize the titles “A Second Beginning” and “On My Knees Again” as having originally appeared on the 2006 / 2008 EP “A Second Beginning”. These two tracks have been completely remixed and partially re-recorded for the “Dawn Of Rebirth” CD. In the case of “A Second Beginning”, this is an extended version with more dynamic progressions than the original, sure to display the band’s musical development through the past several years.

Visit the Unforsaken Productions website to order your copy of “Dawn Of Rebirth” today!

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