Finland Power Prog Metal Band Ultimatium Reveal New Single: ‘Ghost Of Yesterday’


Finland Power Prog Metal band Ultimatium share ‘Ghost Of Yesterday’ track off their latest album “Virtuality”. The video can be seen below.

Ultimatium was birthed out the deep forests of Suomussalmi, Finland. Their 4th studio full length “Virtuality” follows their independently released “Vis Vires Infinitus” (2015), “New Dawn” (2004, Mastervox Records), and “Hwainoo” (2008, Mastervox Records).

The premise behind “Virtuality” is an introduction of a storyline of four gamers getting stuck in a virtual reality game in a near-future setting. Packed with five amazing lead vocalists, Peter James Goodman (Conquest, ex-Virtuocity), Jukka Nummi (ex-Myon), Emily Leone, Tomi Viiltola (ex-Dreamtale, Perpetual Rage, Viilto) and Matti Auerkallio (Katra, Manzana, SoulFallen), “Virtuality” is a unique storyline about the virtual world, and the dangers of sharing everything in social media, along with up-tempo power metal songs combined with darker elements.

The story album is backed up with lots of background vocals, sound effects and a “narrator”/system voice synthesized with Amazon’s Alexa.

The album introduces the best parts of power and progressive metal combined, including easier up-tempo songs, but also long, progressive mid-tempo tracks. The songs take influence from such bands as Stratovarius, Dream Theater, Symphony X and Rainbow. Especially on tracks ‘Digital Tower’ and ‘Ghost of Yesterday’ where influences from Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore are easily heard.

Band members:
Matti Pulkkinen – keyboard
Matti Auerkallio – drums
Harri Niskanen – guitars
Tomi Viiltola – vocals

For more info: Facebook / Website / Youtube / Spotify

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