‘Trouble’ Taps Producer ‘Bill Metoyer’ For New Album Mix


Veteran producer Bill Metoyer [Slayer, W.A.S.P, Armored Saint, Dark Angel, Sacred Reich, Cryptic Slaaughter, D.R.I.] has begun mixing the rhythm section for the new album from Chicago doom-metal legends Trouble.

Trouble announced in February that it recruited Kyle Thomas as the band’s new singer following the departure of the group’s frontman of the past four years, Kory Clarke [of Warrior Soul fame].

Thomas, former lead vocalist for Exhorder, Floodgate and Alabama Thunderpussy, was no stranger to Trouble as he previously fronted the band for four live shows between 1997 and 1999, including Stoner Hands Of Doom festival in Maryland and Expo Of The Extreme in Chicago. Thomas has also collaborated on projects with members of Slipknot, Down, Obituary and Deicide.

In an interview with Metal KaozTrouble guitarist Bruce Franklin stated about Kyle‘s addition to the band, “We didn’t need to change any of the [new] music [to suit Kyle‘s vocals]. He really knows how to sing toTrouble stuff because he was a fan from way back.”

Added Kyle: “They had given me four songs to work on when I was jamming with them in anticipation of possibly doing the album that came to be ‘Simple Mind Condition’. I did demo one song, but nothing I did ever made it to the album. Things turned out the way that they have between then and now, and here I am.”

He continued, “Bruce and Rick [Wartell, guitar] have always been great to me as people and business partners. I was made to feel an equal back then, and the same goes for now. That is monumental for me — I grew up listening to these guys and now I am a member of one of my favorite bands. You can’t beat that.”

Current Line Up:
Kyle Thomas: Vocals
Bruce Franklin: Guitar
Rick Wartell: Guitar
Shane Pasqualla: Bass
Mark Lira: Drums

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