‘Tourniquet’ To Release ‘Antiseptic Bloodbath’ This Summer


Christian metallers Tourniquet will release a new album, Antiseptic Bloodbath, this summer via Pathogenic Records. A teaser trailer for the CD can be seen below. Also available is the album’s cover artwork, which was created by Travis Smith of Seempieces [Opeth, Devin Townsend, Nevermore, Iced Earth, Death, Amorphis].

Commented Tourniquet: “The title track, ‘Antiseptic Bloodbath’, speaks of the way our society prefers to sanitize brutality. We can have our tidy Christian faith, or continue with no faith at all, as long as we don’t consider the painful bloody price that was paid for us.

“We use animals for our food, profit, and amusement, but would rather not know about the needless, often systematic suffering that is inflicted on them by a callous and greedy humanity. ‘Don’t upset my comfort zone — brutal truth, leave me alone.’ The great news is that we have the ability to choose. This album encourages us to make good and humane choices in our daily lives that reflect these images.”

Tourniquet was formed in Los Angeles in 1990. Seven full length albums, two EP’s, one acoustic album, one “Best of” album, and six videos later, the members of Tourniquet remain committed to communicating the message of the Gospel through music. Tourniquet has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including HM magazine‘s Favorite Band, two CCM magazine #1 Rock Singles, many #1 Metal Singles, and six Dove Award nominations. They have appeared in countless magazine, newspaper, and online publications. Known for their intense live show, their fans have been known to drive (or fly) long distances just to see the band play. As the popularity of the band increases, so does the opportunity to play international shows in Europe and South America, as well as performing in the U.S. The success of their “acoustic unplugged” shows has further advanced their strong reputation for musical integrity and versatility.

Tourniquet‘s last studio release, 2003’s Where Moth and Rust Destroy [Metal Blade], featured special guest appearances by guitarists Marty Friedman [ex-Megadeth] and Bruce Franklin [Trouble].

Band members:
Ted Kirkpatrick – drums
Luke Easter – vocals
Aaron Guerra – guitar

2003 – Where Moth and Rust Destroy (Metal Blade)
2000 – Microscopic View of a Telescopic realm (Metal Blade)
1998 – Acoustic Archives (Tourniquet Productions)
1997 – Crawl to China (Diadem)
1996 – Collected Works (Frontline)
1995 – Carry the Wounded-EP (Frontline)
1994 – Vanishing Lessons (Frontline)
1993 – Live-EP (Frontline)
1992 – Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (Frontline/Metal Blade)
1991 – Psycho Surgery (Frontline/Metal Blade)
1990 – Stop the Bleeding (Frontline)

2008 – Till Sverige Med Karlek (To Sweden With Love)
2004 – Circadian Rhythms – The Drumming World of Ted Kirkpatrick
2003 – Ocular Digital DVD (Tourniquet Productions)
2000 – Video Biopsy 2000 (Tourniquet Productions)
1998 – Live in California (Tourniquet Productions)
1997 – Guitar Instructional Video (Tourniquet Productions)
1996 – The Unreleased Drum Solos (Tourniquet Productions)
1995 – Pushin Broom Video with “Bearing Gruesome Cargo” (Frontline)
1992 – Video Biopsy with “Ark of Suffering” (Frontline)

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