‘SÅ2012’ A New Festival In The Norwegian Woods, With ‘Horde’


What does metal, woods and fun have to do with eachother? Oh yeah…:

SÅ2012 is a new festival arranged by SubChurch [the people behind DP Festival and the hosts of Nordicfest], to celebrate it`s 15 year anniversary. They have planned to celebrate it all, deep in the Norwegain countryside, at a place called Nordtangen, not far from both Oslo and the Nordic Mission HQ of Gjøvik. The date is 26-29th of July. Be there!

Line up can be seen below.

And why do you read about this here? Nordic Mission has the honor to be the first to inform you all of the return of Horde [Aus] to the cold northern woods. The performance is at nighttime of course…

What is there to say that hasn’t been said already?

The legendary one-man-unblack-metal-outfit Horde is finally playing where they belong: The cold dark Norwegian woods. Just the thought of this happening is beyond our imagination.

The solo-project of multi-instrumentalist “Anonymous”, managed to split both the black-metal scene, and the christian establishment i two. And how could it not, being the first christian black-metal album? Numerous columns and death-threats were written, and it took many years before the truth came out about the identity of the artist, when australian Jason Sherlock, drummer of well known metal-acts as Mortification and Paramæcium, admitted being the brain behind the controversial masterpiece.

In 2006 Horde played live for the first time, and since then they have only done three shows in total, so to say this is an extrusive gig is a huge understatement. Check out a live video for Invert The Inverted Cross.

Prepare for the night of Total Armageddon Holocaust!!!

Line Up:
Horde (AUS)
Benea Reach (N)
Callisto (FIN)
Svarteskerm (S)
Loch Ness Mouse (N)
Jeroan Drive (N)
Dalit (N)
Of Grace And Hatred (N)
Shevils (N)
Fleur De Lis (N)
Moreld (N)
Leonov (N)
The Christians (N)
Search For Safety (N)
Aperture (N)

+ more to be announced

For more info, tickets etc. go to SÅ Fest.

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