Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) Starts New Christian Metal Band, Listen to First Single ‘Meet Me Somewhere Quiet’


Tommy Green, former frontman of the band Sleeping Giant, has re-entered the Christian-based metal scene with the debut of his new band Holy Name. Their first single, ‘Meet Me Somewhere Quiet’ is out now. His friend, Joe Holt, is a fellow performer and writer for the band. And Ryan Leitru, from the band Nothing More, produced and mixed the single.

The chorus sings out, “Jesus I love to be with You (I’m at home when I’m alone with You)/Jesus I’ve come to be with You (I’m at home when I’m alone with You).” Any fan of Christian-based metal will need to keep an eye on this new project.

Video (audio) for ‘Meet Me Somewhere Quiet’

You can follow along with Tommy Green‘s new band Holy Name by following them on Instagram or Twitter.

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