‘To Leave A Trace’ New Song Available For Streaming ‘Aokigahara’


TLAT 2011Ukrainian screamo/hardcore band To Leave a Trace has posted a new song from their upcoming album. The song is titled Aokigahara and can be streamed below.

Late last month the band started a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for their next full lenght album Black Light. A promo video can also be seen below. For more info on how you can support them click here.

Against The Flow, the new TLAT single was released August 2012. This single was recorded at WMS Studio in Warsaw, mixed and mastered by Kelly Cairns at Pink Noise Studio in USA. Also, the band filmed a music video for Against The Flow, which was released in the same month. The video is directed by the band self and can be seen here.

To Leave a Trace is one of the first Ukrainian bands, that started to sing openly about their life with God, standing in their music on what they believe. They’ve played for nearly 5 years on their native hard scene, and are moving further abroad.

Their latest release was Boatman Is The Hero which was released on March 20, 2011. This EP is still available for pay what you want. Support the band and give them a donation. They would appreciate that, and you will receive 6 songs of Ukrainian female screamo/ hard core. Download here.

Upcoming Shows:
Jun 15 GMS festival TBA, Pieksamaki, Finland
Jun 29 Try & Play! Festival, Kraslice, Czech Republic
Jul 20 Fulnek-Free Day-Fest Fulnek, Czech Republic
Aug 24 Fryyfest Nove Mesto Pod Smrkem, Czech Republic

Weblinks : Official website / Facebook / Twitter / Myspace Indiegogo

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