‘To Leave A Trace’ Featured On ‘Brutsound Compilation Volume 11’


An new year’s gift from nationwide internet project Brutsound Compilation – a new, fresh and delicious collection of Ukrainian bands.  One of the 20 participating bands is female fronted screamo band To Leave A Trace
Brutsound Compilation is an online project to promote Ukrainian bands so that heavy metal music will continue to develop in the Ukraine. Artwork is pictured at the right & tracklist below.

At this moment Brutsound Compilation is only available for download in the Ukraine CLICK HERE , a link for international download will come soon.

To Leave A Trace  latest release was Boatman Is The Hero which was released on March 20, 2011. This EP is now available for pay what you want. Support the band and give them a donation. They would appreciate that, and you will receive 6 songs of Ukrainian female screamo/ hard core.  Download.

01. Judas Had A Choice – Intro
02. Synopsis – The Void
03. Days Of Our Life – My Hope In The Deep Ocean
04. One Step To Kill – Фальшивые Судьбы
05. Before The Day Comes – Играя В Людей
06. Asylum – Neverending War
07. May Of Sorrow – Never Give Up
08. Places Burn – Revelations
09. When Roses Die – Отпечатки
10. Faded Line – Disappeared Harmony
11. Run,Forrest!Run! – Остатки Вчерашней
12. Morphine Suffering – Останься
13. To Leave A Trace – Boatman Is The Hero
14. Все= – Отрицательный Плюс
15. The Day Of Glory – Не Забуду Тебя
16. One Reason Left – From The Ashes
17. Tonada – Прощение
18. Sorry, I Die… – Кровь На Губах
19. Six Days Wonder – Весь Этот Мир
20. Worlds Last Collide – The Song For One Person


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