‘Barren Cross’ Releases ‘Whitewashed Love’ Music Video


bc-logoChristian metal band Barren Cross has released a music video for ‘Whitewashed Love’, the track is written by frontman Michael Drive (Lee). The track is taken from the [HD] video and latest album “Birth Pangs – the 30 year anniversary” album, which has been released in Feb. 2014. Check out the video below.

Commented Michael Drive: “Check out these lyrics as this is one of the more important songs I’ve written. It reveals the corruption that has crept into the teaching of most evangelical churches, replacing the power of the REAL Jesus Christ with a powerless, compromised, feel-good, lovey-dubby, ear-tickling, cheap-grace, tolerant Jesus that does NOT exist in what HE HIMSELF said to do for salvation. Those who deny what I just said are most likely tares in the church. (There are many of them and they don’t know the Bible). It’s time to STAND UP for the REAL Jesus and read it! …Then be heard.  If you’re like me and you’re sick of what you’re being force fed in the church today, it’s time to stand up and make yourself heard. Start doing it now. Want to MAKE SURE you’re going to Heaven? Simple – read the gospels of Jesus in the Bible and just do what HE says. Period. Don’t add to it or make excuses. Just surrender, believe enough to repent of those sins, and do what He says. By His grace and mercy, He’ll forgive you. Persecution of the Christians is coming my friends. Those of you who are riding the fence, it’s time to pick a side! You know who you are – get off the fence! Change your ways and stand up and be heard. Do it now.”

“Birth Pangs” was recorded at ‘Elements Of Rock’ in Switzerland, March 2012. This album is Barren Cross first official release since 1994 “Rattle Your Cage”. The album contains 20 songs, including some classic Barren Cross songs but also three new songs.

“This is one of BC‘s most powerful and important performances ever! “Birth Pangs” exels Barren Cross to new heights. This album is more than exciting, it’s Barren Cross at their finest, a shining moment for them! “Birth Pangs” is not just another album, it’s fantastic!”

Barren Cross lead singer/composer, and original founding member, Michael Drive [Lee] says:

“I personally, have never been as excited over an album in it’s performance as I am with “Birth Pangs”. I would like for every Barren Cross fan to own this, they must hear it. I feel stronger about this concerning “Birth Pangs” than any other album we have ever released!” …. Michael

Barren Cross was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1983 by high school friends Ray Parris [guitar] andSteve Whitaker [drums]. The band released seven albums “Believe” EP [1985], “Rock for the King” [1986],“Atomic Arena” [1988], “State of Control” [1989], “Hotter Than Hell Live!”, [1990],” Rattle Your Cage” [1994], “Birth Pangs” (30 Anniversary Live) [2013].

Musically, Barren Cross is often compared to Iron Maiden, mainly due to the similarity of the vocals betweenMike Lee and Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson. Lyrically, the band is noted for its stance on a number of social issues. Their songs addressed, from a Christian worldview, personal and societal issues such as suicide, abortion, terrorism, and prejudice.

Our review of “Birth Pangs” can be found here.

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Video below: ‘Whitewashed Love’

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