‘Heirs Of Isildur’ (Matt Knowles from Royal Anguish) ) to Release “The Crossroads Conundrum” Debut Album Dec. 1st. (Pre-Order Now)


‘Heirs Of Isildur’ is a new project of ‘Matt Knowles’ (Royal Anguish). The debut album “The Crossroads Conundrum” will be released on Dec. 1st.  “The Crossroads Conundrum” album will be available on all majors digital platforms (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify) and physical copies can be pre-ordened from the project’s webstore.

The album will contain 12 tracks and is 53 minutes long.  And features guest appearances by: Corey Steger (original guitarist of Underoath), Cassie Morris (Unicorn Death), Chris Wicklein (Killing Addiction). Mastering for the album was done at Bonespill Studio by Bryan Exkermann (Scars of the Flesh, Screams of Abaddon).

Check out the lyric videos for the first two singles ‘Shiver’ and ‘Crossroads’ (feat. Cassie Morris) below.

Heirs Of Isildur is a multi-platform creation of former Royal Anguish frontman Matt Knowles, which spans from music across a comic/illustrated novel story arc. The digital version of Issue #1 of the associated comic/illustrated novel is available through IndyPlanet at this location.

Track listing:

1) The Discovery Paradox (Intro)
2) Murky Waters
3) Shiver
4) Crossroads
5) Endless Winter
6) Remnants
7) Transcendence
8) Lovelorn Betrayal
9) A Startling Divergence
10) Foundation of Fallacy
11) Syndrome (Degrade Devour Destroy)
12) From The Depths


Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Spotify / iTunes

Royal Anguish‘s last album “A Journey Through The Shadows Of Time” has been released June 2nd, 2006 through Fear Dark Records.

Lyric video for ‘Crossroads’ feat. Cassie Morris

Lyric Video: ‘Shiver’

Video for “The Crossroads Conundrum” (Teaser)

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