Timōrātus: Entire “The Great Mortality” Album Available for Streaming, Pre-Order Physical Copy Now


Timōrātus are back with a new album “The Great Mortality” it is released on March 15th. The album is available for free download (name your price) from their bandcamp site. The download includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

This is a story of a man named Kefla Selaro living during the time of the Black Plague. His tale of loss and rejuvenation of purpose and ultimately death, but not without living a life of charity and help.

This album is a collection of previous EPs (Black, Death, Doom & Grind), rerecorded, rewritten, remixed and remastered with 3 new additional “Intermission” tracks linking the genres together (Black Metal to Death Metal, Death Metal to Doom Metal and Doom Metal to Grindcore).

Pre-order the physical release of “The Great Mortality” at Vision of God Records! Scheduled to come out June 29, 2018. It’s also available on all the main services (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music…)

Track listing:
1. Of Human Bondage 04:00
2. Eternal Loss 04:27
3. Intermission (2 Years Later) 01:12
4. Confrontation of the End 03:56
5. No One Left 04:29
6. Intermission (4 Years Later) 01:00
7. Slumbering Vision 06:58
8. Realization of Purpose 06:36
9. Intermission (8 Years Later) 00:38
10. Questions 00:51
11. Coming Into Her Own 00:47
12. Father 00:40
13. New Love 01:10
14. Winding Down 01:37
15. Deathbed 01:09
16. Kafla’s Soul Leaves His Body 00:16

Timōrātus started as a way to experiment with harsher sounds and learn more about music in general. Sticking to one specific genre or sound wasn’t interesting so the sound changed with every release as the experimentation continued.

The first couple releases (Afraid of the Light and Signs & Places) were both very much ambient or dark ambient synth driven pieces that worked more with texture than any sort of traditional music structure, staying in the instrumental realm.

The next set of releases focused on not only experimentation but also a story. Always enjoying concept albums and story structure Timōrātus released a 4 EP set of different metal genres that when listened to in order (Black, Death, Doom and Grind) told the story of a man named Kefla who lost everything in the time of the Black Plague.

In the following years Timōrātus worked on full length Doom/Drone Metal project titled Reverentia. It was again a concept album of sorts in that it was broken into 3 parts within the album. The first part (Weight of the World and Mere Symbols) was set musically more in the Funeral Doom Metal genre and dealt with the issues of sin, God’s love and Symbols. The next part (Communion: The Bread and Communion: The Cup) set musically in the Drone Metal genre and focused on helping those partaking in communion to feel the journey of Christ’s sacrifice and path to the cross. The final part (In Christ Alone, Amazing Grace and Leave It There) are all cover versions of popular hymns and worship songs that represent the great love and grace God has for us and how we need to depend deeply on Him.

Our review of “Reverentia” can be found here.


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Video for “The Great Mortality”

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