‘Thumper Punk’ & ‘SkyBurnsBlack Records’ Release “United We Skate Benefit Compilation” (Volumes 1 through 5)


United We Skate Comp.Thumper Punk Records and SkyBurnsBlack Records are pleased to announce the release of the “United We Skate Benefit Compilation”, a FIVE volume compilation featuring songs donated by 113 bands to raise money for two skateboarding ministries. The volumes are broken down by genre, and feature Punk, Hardcore, Metal and everything in between. All proceeds to benefit skateboarding ministries at the Roots of Hope ministry in Jaco, Costa Rica (run by Aaron “Liberty” Wells of the band True Liberty), and the chapter of Christian Skaters International in Paarl, South Africa (run by Dave Emmerson of the band The Old-timers).

This compilation features artists from a dozen countries, and includes songs in and English, German, Portuguese, Spanish. Regardless of language, this compilation is an effort to show that we’re all really one brotherhood under Jesus Christ regardless of the language we speak.

Volume 1 (Punk) features Christ’s Sake, Metanoia, Banda Grano, Peter118, Darak HC, CPR, Dsarme?, Over Mortal, Novaprole, Heart Like War, A Broken Line, , No More Zombies, The Bruised, Mr. Mustache (Brazil), The Bricks, Plank Eyed Saints, Santa Cruz (SxCx), Street Corner Gospel, Archote, Jesus-Worshiper, A Common Goal, and False Idle.

Volume 2 (Punk) features The Old-timers, Living Fire, Blast From Oblivion, Grave Robber, True Liberty, Reforma Protestante, INFIRMITIES, No Punk Influences, Praiser, Transboard, Broken, Platoon 1107, The Hoax, Ambassadors of Shalom, Foolish Things, No Lost Cause, The Bedlam Saints, The WAY, The Lonely Revolts, Saint Hooligan, Holy Factor, The Inhumans, Madero, Refuge, Grace & Thieves, and Their Throats are Open Tombs!

Volume 3 (Hardcore) features Dangerous Minds, LIV., Rapture, Siervos, Stick Tight, Take Heart, Kings & Daughters, Nossa Fúria, No Complaints, Revivalist, Made Worthy, Judgement Day, Every Knee Shall Bow, Final Surrender, Poured Out, Bloodline Severed, O Wretched Man, Messflesh, Scream at the Sky, Partaker, Far From Sanity, Flawed By Design, and Anschluss Amor.

Volume 4 (Metal) features Aceldama, Adorned in Ash, Azorrague, Black Leather, Broken Jail, Ceremonial Sacred, Demoniciduth, Dies Mortem, Hate Evil, Hawthorn, Intercession, Light to Dead, Mediadhor, Primitive Church, The Right Wing Conspiracy, Saul of Tarsus, Screaming Your Name, Soul Embraced, Soul Factor, Straight from the Grave, The Synics Awakening, and Tenere.

Volume 5 (Metal) features Abated Mass of Flesh, Above the Storm, Armath Sargon, Ascendant, Be Not Betrayed, Blood Thirsty, Broken Flesh, Christageddon, Consuming Fire, Cryptic Rising, Elgibbor, Flukt, Hilastherion, Immortal Souls, Numbered with the Transgressors, Pantokrator, Parallax Withering, Skald in Veum, They Wither, and Throne of Awful Splendor.

Each volume can be independently purchased as digital downloads or in CD format, with discounts for purchases of the entire five volume compilation, from the Thumper Punk Records and SkyBurnsBlack Records webstores. Digital versions are available through iTunes, AmazonMP3 and the usual suspects. All praise and glory to Him.

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