Thomas Freckleton Leaves Silent Planet (Statement Available)


Bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Thomas Freckleton has announced his decision to step down from Silent Planet. Freckleton had held his aforementioned role in the band since 2013. In a statement issued yesterday, June 08th, he offered the following statement on his departure:

“I’ve definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to write this post and put it off for a month or so because I didn’t know how to be personal over a platform where scrolling quickly past things that matter happens often.

To those that know me personally, you know that all I’ve ever wanted to do was get in a van and tour as much as I can. I did that. I got to do that a lot. The amount of cool stuff I’ve been part of over the last 11 years with Silent Planet has been everything I’ve ever wanted to do.
“Thankful” doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings I have for the opportunities I was given.

I got to be a part of living and breathing art. I helped create something that others care about. I was part of something I believed in. And I still believe in this group of guys. I’ve been through real life with those dudes and they will always be my brothers.

I’m assuming you know what’s coming with the content of this post, but before I go there, I want to explain where I’ve found the most happiness in my life.

As I was chasing my dreams with Planet, I was an also starting a family.

When I married my wife – that was the happiest day of our lives. And as you can expect, touring brought challenges and hardships especially once we decided to grow our family. I would be gone 6-8 months out of the year which lasted a few solid years. But we adapted and learned how to be partners even if I was literally across the world.

Then our son was born. Townes Freckleton.
Now, THIS is the happiest we have ever been.
I’ve realized through all the heartache and trials we had to endure as a couple to get our son here: THIS is everything that is worth anything to me.

Before I wrote this I was thinking to myself how grateful and how rad it is to be at home right now. With my son. With my wife.
That was never a thought before. I was always 100mph with Planet from day one.

Things have changed. My priorities have shifted, and I’ve found happiness outside of myself.
One more thing before I spill the beans.

There is something very personal in my life that has hindered me from enjoying touring to the fullest for the last 9 years. As some of you know, I was struck by a drunk driver while riding my bicycle, and as a result I have a fusion in my spine.

The chronic pain I endure on a daily basis only makes it harder when I’m on the road.

I just felt the need to explain my rationale because some folks have questioned why I would leave such a great thing that I’ve worked so hard and so long for.

I knew this day would eventually come. For me, at this point in my life, I have to move away from playing in Silent Planet. When I sat down and told the guys, it was a beautiful and understanding conversation. Something I’ve deeply grateful for. Their time, effort, talent, experiences together, and their love will forever be embedded in my heart.

Moving forward: For the last 4.5 years, I’ve co-owned a music shop with one of my best buds, (check us out @bakersfieldsoundco
Shameless plug)

Being a business owner, a husband, and a father is where it’s at for me right now.

Also, being a musician is something I cannot turn off. This is not the end for me. You will definitely hear something from me and some great friends of mine in the future.

Lastly, thank you. Thank you to anyone that ever came to a show, jammed a song, bought a shirt, let us sleep on your floor, fed us, cried with us, prayed with us, created with us, gave us gifts, wrote us letters, and took the time out of your life to give small bands like us a chance.

I will be forever grateful for this time I had with Silent Planet.”

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