This Weekend: Nordic Fest 2020 – “Not yielding to COVID-19” Edition



We still lack bands for a full program, so we’re cutting the festival down to one day, Saturday only. Tune in at our YouTube channel on Saturday.

The live stream will be FREE and accessible globally for everyone and start at 6 PM CET on Saturday! There will also be a stream with Spanish translation available.

Due to COVID-19 blowing up like crazy in Oslo, we are saddened by the news that Cloth, Flukt and Dalit can’t play at NF this year. Luckily, Renascent was able to play, and we’re super excited!

In addition to the 4 bands, we’ll also talk about our past and future releases as well as answer questions. We have more stuff planned, but for that you will have to wait and see..

See you all there!

Pantokrator is a Progressive Death Metal band from Sweden. They say themselves that they come with the weight of the earth, speed of the winds, depth of the waters & the inspiration of Spirit.

Melech consists of Ricke and Karl from the brutal Pantokrator and exists as an additional creative outlet. From the deep woods of Småland Sweden, you will find and enjoy the melodic death metal duo.

Leonov aims to encompass the chaos in the world, but also the hope that lies within us. Every tone is important to make this message come through. The expression of Leonovs songs are influenced by slow and heavy parts, floating tones and rhythmic breaks. The light and soft vocal breaks with the dark and heavy repetitive instruments.

Renascent was formed in the snowy and dark forests of Finland in 2003 and has since delivered two full length albums with a melodic but aggressive blend of black and death metal. The symphonic elements accompany the bruteness of the riffs, making the music both melodic and dark.

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