Thirteen Minutes, Sibling Rivalry – Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere


Tulsa, OK metal band Thirteen Minutes is proud to premiere the lyric video for ‘Sibling Rivalry.’ The band, currently signed to Rottweiler Records, is inspired by bands like Demon Hunter, Phinehas, For Today, and Living Sacrifice . The band formed in February 2016 to “blend brutality with harmony, commercial with underground, and the old and the new.” The video can be seen below.

Thirteen Minutes drummer Jamie Kucinski says:

“We are honored to release our lyric video and song via The Metal Resource. We’ve been readers now for several years and stoked to be connected also with our music.”

“So, here it is! This is the moment we’ve been working so hard for. This is the first official D45 (Digital 45) song release. We’ve been buried in the studio for the last several weeks writing and recording. We are pretty proud of this song (and the others to come). We truly hope those that listen to this song turn the volume WAY up and enjoy the groove.”

Thirteen, this number conjures up several images depending on who is observing it. Every thirteen minutes, one American will take their own life. Every thirteen minutes, someone in America dies in a motor vehicle accident. Every thirteen minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer and thirteen minutes is the time the warning sirens give before a tornado hits.

Insert Thirteen Minutes, the metal band from Tulsa, OK taking on the significance of thirteen in the spiritual realm. Thirteen Minutes is the time it takes every day to be spiritually fit. Thirteen is the number of great blessing. The number thirteen is the number of new life. God’s number (seven) together with man’s number (six) = Thirteen. The number thirteen is the difference of what man can do and what God can do.

The dichotomy that is thirteen, perfectly describes Thirteen Minutes as they work together to infuse such dichotomy into their music blending traditional elements of metal with a touch of post hardcore and nu metal in an effort to expand their sound beyond any particular genre definition.

Forming in Tulsa, OK in early 2016 out of the ashes of former projects, Thirteen Minutes aims to blend brutality with harmony, commercial and underground, the old and the new; taking on the sinful and the sacred. Let the dichotomy begin!

The final month of 2016 sets the stage with their first single release on Rottweiler Records. 2017 sees Thirteen Minutes prepare for their freshmen full length release recorded at Simpson Studios in Broken Arrow, OK.

“Rottweiler Records is “home.” We knew that the moment we met up with Shawn Browning that Rottweiler is somewhere we wanted to be. Thankfully, they feel the same way about us.” – Kucinski added.

Thirteen Minutes is set to battle on each and every stage in their path using their music to take on the darkness and infusing it with the light; Depression/Hope, Sin/Redemption, Darkness/Light, Evil/Good….The Dichotomies of Life. Let the battle exercise begin!

The band consists of: Michael Rowley – Vocals, Aaron Smith – Lead Guitar, Horace Young – Rhythm Guitar, Jamie Kucinski – Drums, John Walker – Bass

Upcoming Shows:
Dec 2 – Mpact Events Not So SIlent Night #7 w/Soul Embraced/Death Therapy (fb event)

Weblinks: Twitter / Facebook / Bandcamp

Lyric video for ‘Sibling Rivalry’

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