‘Theocracy’ Announces New Album “Ghost Ship”


theocracy_2016_b8eThe Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band Theocracy will release their new album “Ghost Ship” on October 28th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records. Information on different editions and formats will be announced soon.

With “Ghost Ship,” Theocracy perfects the lively and fully-realized sound of “As the World Bleeds,” delivering 10 muscular and streamlined tracks that never lose focus and combine for one memorable journey. You like midtempo singalong anthems? Try the “Ghost Ship” title track. Thrashy rhythms and intensity? ‘The Wonder of It All’ should be to your liking. Emotional ballads with huge melodic hooks? Go ‘Around the World and Back.’ Or if you prefer epic, progressive tracks that do all these things and more, 10-minute album closer ‘Easter’ is sure to be a favorite. Each song on “Ghost Ship” stands alone and has a unique signature, but every moment sounds unmistakably like Theocracy.

“So many kids were coming up to us after shows and telling us their stories,” says Theocracy vocalist Matt Smith. “A lot of them were searching for purpose and a place to fit in, and having grown up as an awkward and unpopular kid myself, their words really stuck with me. I started thinking about what a band of misfits Jesus’ disciples were: fishermen, tax collectors, and people of little consequence in the eyes of the world. Sometimes the ones most people don’t see, or choose to look straight through—the ghosts of society, as it were, dead to the world—end up having the biggest impact. That’s where the title and idea for “Ghost Ship” came from: all the misfits, the uncool, the outcasts, there is a place where you do fit in. Although “Ghost Ship” is not a concept album, this is a recurring theme, particularly in the title track and ‘Castaway.’”


“Ghost Ship” track listing
01. Paper Tiger
02. Ghost Ship
03. The Wonder Of It All
04. Wishing Well
05. Around the World and Back
06. Stir the Embers
07. A Call To Arms
08. Currency In A Bankrupt World
09. Castaway
10. Easter

Theocracy‘s latest full-lenght album “As The World Bleeds” was released in Europe on November 25th 2011 through Ulterium Records and in North America on November 21st 2011 through Nightmare Records. 

“As The World Bleeds” debuted at #40 in the Billboard Heatseekers Chart during the first week of release. Our review of “As The World Bleeds” can be found here.

Upcoming Shows:
Nov. 5 – Theocracy + Within Silence, Neckarsulm, Germany
Nov. 8 – Call for Eternity vol. 4, Kosice, Slovakia
Nov. 11 – Brainstorm Festival 2016, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Nov. 11 – FMO WarmUp, Niederaula, Germany

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 Video below: Theocracy – ‘Ghost Ship’ (Live at CRN 2015)


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